Perils of checking out the hotties

Mike sent me a comment regarding the post about the Certainties part Duex and hot chicks walking into your store.
For once, I am without words. His comment speaks for itself.

Don’t forget about the downward crotch stare from the drive-thru window while you’re pretending to be concerned that they’ve retrieved everything from the drawer!
However, with each of these methods there are risks…. Not only of being caught, but of getting a different view than you expected! The ‘over the monitor’ trick fails when the apparent hottie gets close and you realize that she’s an original AARP recipient….. and her ID number is probably “12”. Then there’s the ‘down the shirt’ fiasco when the nice rack is so saggy when she leans over that they rest on the counter like two overfilled water balloons stretching from gravity. But the nastiest is the ‘drive-thru crotch shot’ when the thighs look like an interstate road map with all the blue and red vessels….. Or worse yet, the bulge you happen to spot is too big to be cameltoe or a winged maxi pad…. And you realize you’ve just waited on Dragzilla!!!

I have no more to add other than I think my testicles just shriveled up and fell off.

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  1. Scott says:

    Yeah, but you gotta risk taking the look, even when you might be disappointed!

  2. Sara says:

    WTF? Sounds like a RPH I worked with.. checking out old women’s boobies.. eck!

  3. Mike C. says:

    OMFG thats not a camel toe, thats a Moose Knuckle !! Blinded for life, cant eat for a week..

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