I cant believe I’m writing this.  The news is so shocking that my brain cant wrap around exactly how this could be.  I mean, part of me wants to do cartwheels, and another part of me just wants to sit and sob.  Its like I came home to find my wife making out with another hot chick and asked me to join while throwing me a huge dildo.   Shit I’m getting blue balls just typing that.

Hold on to your hats because……………



Dont believe me? Check your ordering system.  Amerisource has no listing.  McKesson has MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED.  One of my sources reported that someone called Actavis and they stated that they have just decided to stop making promethazine with codeine.tumblr_mklix14Yc81rrotfzo1_500

No longer will we be getting “do ya carry da actavis?” calls.  No more bitching from the crackheads that the QT or Hi-Tech brand “Dont work” or “I be allergic to dat shit”.  No longer can people say “I can only take Actavis” because you know what, they can take a bunch of fucking nothing now.

Prometh with Codeine will no longer taste like ghettofab syrupy purple, it will taste like how all cough syrups should taste, like goat anus.  They aren’t meant to fucking mix with Sprite and enjoyed after a long night of fucking your bitches and collecting taxpayer-funded benefits; they are meant to be choked down because you’ll do anything to get rid of that fucking cough.  Wait, did I imply that ‘da Actavis’ WASN’T used for legit medical reasons?  Well unless theres an ICD9 code for “My life sucks and want to get high”; then yes, I did imply that.  If you want to get fucked up on cough syrup, deal with the aftertaste of pennies and last nights digested dinner in your mouth you fucking crackheads.

This is fucking great.  Hats off to Actavis for actually realizing that their name was synonymous for “Abuse and Diversion” like Kleenex is to facial-tissues. If Watson stops making the DAN Somas, I think I just might die.

Now if we can only get QT to take the yellow out of the Norco 10.

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  1. Lisa says:

    You never cease to amaze me!! Laughing my ass off!!! Well done! My angry friend!

  2. Juliet says:

    Hey mr.pharmacist. I do think your rants are fantastically brazen and funny. But I’ve one question for you. Have you ever had a chronic illness?

  3. chicagoME says:

    So you’re excited huh? :)

    (Seriously though…reading your entry was a joy, right down to the gold teef grillzzz in Patrick’s mouth)

  4. Cynical Intern says:

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but since Watson got bought out by Actavis, doesn’t that mean that technically there aren’t going to be any Watson brand Soma anymore? We’re still able to get them right now, but stock has already been depleted on the Percocet and Azurette and those are not coming back, so I assume once the (three billion bottles I’m sure they have of) Carisoprodol are depleted, Actavis will want to put their own name on the product.

    This is in conjunction with the fact the Watson brand Lortab isn’t going to be a thing anymore. It’s really just pharmacy christmas.

    • GRUMPY RPH says:

      It is the other way around. Watson is buying Actavis. But either way there no way in hell the tablet would change. “DAN” is the street trademark and will probably stay on the tablet. Watson added it back to the tablet when they bought out Danbury Pharm. years ago, presumably to increase familiarity and sales. It would like someone buying Anheuser-Bush and changing the name of Budweiser beer. It’s not going to happen, if it does it won’t stay that way for lone. Years ago (prob. 30 years) SKF was criticized for it’s product DEXEDRINE. The lions portion of the product was being sold in Mexico, then coming across the border illegally.

      • PsychiatryResident says:

        This is hugely educational, and I plan on letting my attendings know about this blog and the comments. Thank you!

  5. Joe says:

    Cool, now you only have to deal to middle aged white people addictions, approved by their doctors. That’s gotta make it easier to live with slangin’ (not pushin’) opioids as a significant part of your career.

  6. CH says:

    I guess we can thank Justin Bieber for this?

  7. Rancid Poodle says:

    “Its like I came home to find my wife making out with another hot chick…”

    “ANOTHER” hot chick. Nice save there, dude.

  8. Tyler says:

    Fo shizzle my nizzle brotha! I’ve heard it all at the counter just like you.
    “I gotsta get da ACTAVIS kind cause I be (allergic/senstive/whatever excuse I can make up so I can make sizzurp) to dem other ones!”

  9. Quantravious Jackson says:

    No mo’ sizzurp?! What we gon’ do?

  10. Loki says:

    “Well unless theres an ICD9 code for ‘My life sucks and want to get high’;…”

    I’d say 994.0 is pretty close to “my life sucks,” and if I ever had that one, I’d want to get high, too. As far as shame goes, not a whole lot tops having to go to the ER with 937.

  11. oldantiredrph says:

    The pbm’s are making me angry, the addicts are making me angry, the mac pricing is making me angry, but most of all, the pharmacy associations are making me angry by not helping us. The only glimmer of hope/sunshine in my day is that I don’t work at a chain. Keep posting and making me laugh.

  12. BurnedoutSOStech says:

    Unfortunately Qualtest is still making it.

  13. pillpushingjane says:

    They definitely stopped making it… my pharmacies (i work for the 4th ranked US wholesale company) are all upset and pissed that they did….only reasonably cost product is the Qualitest and apparently it takes disgusting… sorry pharmacists gotta tell your customers to get high by other means.

  14. SlapAHo says:

    Ah! Soo funny, I just found an empty 6oz bottle tossed in my front yard. Label still on, patient info, everything.
    Date Filled: 3/14
    Date Found Empty: 3/16
    Sig: 1 tsp Q6H PRN

    I didn’t even have to do the math & was pissed that some crackhead was throwing their abused meds in my front yard.

    I called the pharmacist and told him to put a note in the computer that his patient was a purple-drankin-no-good-junky-crackhead.

  15. Eradicator says:

    U sound mad th@ u aren’t the doctor & just a pharmacist .. Jus fill the script & stfu .. People like u lack heart & rant online bout YOUR job guess you’ll continue to fill roxicodone for your own kind

    • PsychiatryResident says:

      I am the doctor and am learning here MORE about how things are being abused.

      If you live your life in a way that you need to be numb, you’re not doing it right. If you’re my patient, you’ve already heard this from me.

    • phuturepharmd says:

      the good news is, while in many states pharmacists do not have prescriptive authority, they do have the right to refuse a prescription. Pharmacists are the front lines of fending off crackheads from these medications and making judgment calls as need, as well they should.

  16. lOVELY says:


  17. Philip CHase says:

    it will let me quit the damn shit it just tastes so good i swear i dont even enjoy sleeping like that but if you ever tasted it you would say its the best thing you ever tasted lol the junkies are who fucked the game up i just wanted to sip a cup every now and then just liek some pot .

  18. Russ says:

    Who really gives a dam if it tastes good or mixes with Sprite? Why should cough syrup taste bad? Why? Do I really care, no not really I find it comical though. Do I give a dam if people drink that junk as their Saturday nights drink, no. What I think matters very little. I say give a dam bottle and a pack of smokes with every 12 pack and double the codeine.

  19. Patrick says:

    RIP Actavis

    Been seeing this coming, socal is dry of activis!

    Miss the old days when i could get a pint for $100 everyday on the streets.

    I blame the rappers and social media. People need to kearn not to blow up the good things in kife.

    Lmao, used the im alergic, only take actavis lines so many times. Now doctors and pharmacist just look at me like ima crack head, smh.

    Bless the dirty doctors and pharmacist still out there, they are becoming a rare breed these days

  20. Kyle says:

    Love this! However, my pharmacy never got the Actavis brand of Promthazine with codeine. we’ve always gotten the qualitist brand.

    Generic soma though is supposedly on back order from my warehouse. Haven’t had any of that in weeks. I like telling people, sorry you have to go somewhere else. In my mind I am thinking, take your fake ass script somewhere that will fill it.

    My favorite part of my job even though it’s a simple task is when the doctor faxes back “DENIED”! LOVE THAT!

  21. FRANK R says:

    this was the only thing i was able to comment on for some reason….i must say u are a fuckin dickhead…i see u are the type of scumbag that judges most legit chronic pain people (even cancer patients) as drug addicts because they need their meds to function. Its pretty easy to talk all this bullshit behind a computer screen and be a keyboard warrior….i know me personally if i ever caqme to your pharmacy to get a script of something filled and u acted this was and talked this crap (which im sure u most definitely wouldnt do it to someones face) id knock u right the fuck out cold. i really cant believe some of the shit u write!! Is ur life that fuckin horrible?? R u really this miserable?? u should be ashamed of yurself talking shit on some people who are truly sick and hurting. Im not a chronic pain patient but i hate when some of you ignorant “god-like” pharamcists judge and treat people the way u do because they want to get a narcotic script filled….i dont know if ur home life sucks or if u cant get laid or what but u obviously have a horrible life dude. U need to be on some meds. Did u ever think of taking some of your meds for help?? Maybe u should try 400MG Quetiapine once a day, 5MG Diazepam twice a day and i would definitely put Percocet 7.5/325 (1-2 every 6 hrs as needed for pain) on the side for when someone beats your fuckin brains in. You will definitely need it for the pain. So have a great day u goofy hammerhead tool and i wish u luck and hopefully noone ends up killing your dumb ass for being such a fuckin straper. Eat shit bitch

    • GRUMPY RPH says:

      You sound like one of the patients who comes in each month 6 days early for his/her prescription. No we don’t judge people by their prescriptions, we judge them by the way they act in the pharmacy. By the way we come under scrutiny by the state board and the DEA for filling controlled drugs. The wholesalers will not even accept the pharmacy as a customer if we dispense too many controlled drugs. The questions we ask you about your pain medicine are the same as those asked us by those authorities.

      • FRANK R says:

        actually fuckhead i dont take any medications….i am just giving my opinion and i think you are a fukin hammerhead goofball and you talk bullshit and judge people based on meds…im sure u deal with junkies and dopers alot just like every pharmacy does but why the fuk does that give u the right to run your mouth and talk shit? Of course u wouldnt put the name of your pharmacy on here due to fear and due to one of your customers coming in and smashing your face open. My poor brother was a cancer patient who was prescribed oxycontin and other narc meds because he couldnt handle the terrible pain from his terminal stomach cancer…thats why i get pissed because people like my brother (who by the way died january 8) that get judged and looked at like junkies because of jittbags like u….just like that stupid comment you said about how i must be one of them people who come in to try and get my script 6 days early….like wtf r u retarded?? My ass doesnt even take OTC shit and u wanna assume i get scripts “6 days early” lmao gtfo u strapper!! I used to always pick up my brothers meds from CVS (who treated me with respect) and they knew exactly wtf the deal was and never judged or assumed anything!! U must really have a miserable horrible life for u to actually make a blog about your daily shitty life as a cashier…i mean a pill counter….i mean pharmacist sorry!!! Grow some balls and put your stores names on here i would love to come and visit u!! Like i said before u talk all this bullshit and judge people BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN!. U know you would get ur head handed to u on a plate if u acted this way in person….I definitely would not have any issues giving u my address and phone number….have a good day u noodle.

  22. bandaid4riteaid says:

    I am so sick and tired of you narcotic pill poppers. What really discusts me is when the parents are pounding narcotics and the kids -ALL OF THEM – are taking amphetamines. What a fucked up family. When America has 4 percent of world’s population and consumes 85% of all narcotics and amphetamines produced there is one helluva problem. I hate it when someone is nicely tanned and come waltzing into the pharmacy with more pep in their step than 90% of the population wanting his Oxycontin and Percocet prescriptions filled month after month. GET A LIFE scumbags!!! And Doctor’s get a brain or some balls or whatever it is your lacking and send these weak, pathetic individuals out the fucking door. I would love to be a fly on the wll of some these households. I can just picture the parents in a narcotic induced stupor and the kid zonked-out on the couch while Jerry Springer is on TV at max volume, but none of the Shady Bunch (not Brady Bunch) can hear it. What a fucked-up life many American families are living. How pathetic and sad.

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