The Story of BKBJ

Come, warm yourself by the hearth youngster.  I shall tell you the tale of BKBJ.

It was a stormy day at the pharmacy (actually it was nice out).  I (The Angry Pharmacist) was up to my neck in prescriptions.  My faithful tech, having gazed upon the clock, stated that he was going to lunch and if I wanted anything from Burger King.  Fearing that I would have to eat cold and soggy Whopper, I declined.  Time passed as I grew angry at my tech for taking such a long lunch.

Just then, what did my eyes gaze upon, but my tech strolling in through the front doors.  He had a spring in his step, a rosey hue upon his cheeks, and a glazed over relaxed look in his eyes.  I knew something was amiss, as his new girlfriend was bringing the implements of the royal Whopper to him.

“Faithful Tech!” I asked. “Did you eat lunch?”

“Yes” he responded.

“Faithful Tech! Was your lunch a delicious Whopper with cheese? One that I could not partake in for I must counteth the somaeth?”


“Faithful Tech, your rosy cheeks and glazed over look in your eyes suggests that you just got a blowjob in the parking lot!”

“Shit, did you see us?” he shrieked.  His voice in a panic.

“No” I muttered angerly.  “I’ve been here up to my eyeballs in prescriptions! GET TO COUNTING!”

It twas then that my rage began to build.  Not only did my faithful tech get a lunch.  Not only did my faithful tech get the King of Burgers, nay he received and orally induced penis release as well!

From then on, my faithful tech was known as BKBJ.  Now you all know the tale.

The Angry Pharmacist is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache

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