The land of milk and honey

For a friday, work was pretty slow today. However there was one aspect of it that really made me angry.
Turns out this family immigrated here from Thailand last month. Now i’m not one bit against immigration (being eldest of a 3rd generation immigrant family), however I am against people just using the good american nature to help others without giving back.
Now this family waltz’s in here, and gives me their prescriptions. Oh, about 15 of them for their 15 children. Thats right, 15 children.. Come one come all to the land of milk and honey, where you and your 15 children can not work, and live for free! I know its in your right to have as many children as you want, but if you cannot afford 1 or 2, why have 15? Thats just stupid!
Now those 15 children, how many of them are going to have children in a year? Probably 2 or 3? Yes, they are all on the state system already.. Its like they landed here, and the first thing they recieved was their welfare cards and check.
Now you may be wondering why i’m bitter about this. Well my great-grandfather came here from overseas, and he had to work his ass off (including learning english) to make a living. There was no welfare system; you worked, or starved.. During the depression, he farmed so his family would have food to eat.. They didnt have free medications, free housing, and a steady check every month. He made something for himself because he had to survive.
If I immigrated to an eastern country, the very first thing on my list would be to learn the local language, and to find work; this is because I know damn well that nobody is going to give a flying fuck about some american immigrant over there…. I guess thats why America is different and so great, yet people have the balls to badmouth it while mooching off its generosity..

3 thoughts on “The land of milk and honey”

  1. I have to say…I love your attitude! Makes me wonder why we are stuck with all these uptight Pharmacists up here in Canada. You’ve left me with 2 questions…where the hell do you work??…and are you as hot as you sound??

  2. “I guess thats why America is different and so great, yet people have the balls to badmouth it while mooching off its generosity..”
    So true.

  3. Ah, so fucking true. Just found this site and it’s like reading my own thoughts. How do these people get so much free shit that can’t speak English?? Then they bitch when they have a $1 copay. I love this line “oh, I don’t pay for my prescriptions!” My response “No shit!! I do every week when I lose half my pay check to taxes!!”

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