Kids in the pharmacy

Who here hates kids in their store?
You all know the type. The mother walks them in, proceeds to turn right around and shop and completely ignore them. Its like the pharmacy is their little playground. The kid is either:

  • Screaming his head off because his mom wont buy him a candy bar
  • Tearing the shit off of my shelves onto the floor
  • Building a fort with the OTC cold boxes
  • All of the above
    Whats best of all, the mother just ignores them!
    It takes an act of God to keep me from walking over to the mother, giving her a whole hearted bitchslap across the face, and kick the kid in the ass so hard he does a faceplant.
    Now i’m not anti-child. There are some very well behaved children that sit patiently until their prescription is ready, then politely get a candy bar (which their mother buys for them for being good), and walks out. I love those children, and on more than one occation i’ve even let them choose a candy for free just because of how well behaved they are. Good behavior needs to be rewarded.
    Now this isnt a racial dig, just my experience, but Hispanic male children seem to be the worst of them all. I dont know if its a cultural thing, or the mother just doesnt care, but 9 out of 10 hispanic male children are totally out of control. A hispanic woman told me that its really their culture to allow the males to do what they want, because they are “keeper of the name” or “man of the family” blah blah blah.. They can do that all they want at home, but in MY store they need to play by MY rules.
    I’ve actually yelled at the mother and the children before. The mother sorta gets embarassed (even though she had no idea what I was saying) and the child just sorta looked at me. Whats great is when the Father is there, and it suddenly becomes a pissing match between myself and him. I politely tell him that if he wants his prescriptions filled, his child would either have to stand outside, or settle down. After some grumbling they usually comply or they get their Rx’s wadded up and thrown at them.
    What also bugs me are moribly obese kids. You know, the ones that cant even see their toes at age 5. They run in the pharmacy to the candy section, and whine at their mother until they buy half the damn rack. They then sit their plump ass down in a chair and proceeds to make a choclate mess all over everything as they consume the candy bar as fast as their little fat fingers can shove it in their mouth… Someone in this whole relationship needs to grow some balls, and when the child pitches a fit about not getting any candy, 5-across-the-eyes does wonders.
    If these mothers wish for me to watch over their kids, then its my rules the’ll have to play by.

  • A letter from our patient

    A long time customer brought in this letter for us to read. She wrote this in 1991, and for some reason decided to dig it back up again. This is 100% transcribed, i didnt alter it one bit.
    So here we go, the mistery of the Bermuda Triangle:

    Dear Weekly World News,
    I have been pondering; also I have common sense, also I am psychic to a certain point.
    I can see a lot of thing; I know where the ships that disappear in the bermuda triangle is. I want recognition for letting the world know what happened and where they are at.
    First of all I was born in the state of Flordia – in [hometown deleted]. I have been here in [my home town deleted 🙂 ] for 44 years. But I know the state of Florida – city town – roads and etc.
    Now I am going to tell you where the ships are at. They are under the state of Florida – you say how can that be. I will tell you.
    Florida has many (springs). There is Silver Springs in Silver Springs Florida. There is Ponce de Leon Spring in Ponce de Leon Springs. Sliver Spring has tons of water coming in all the time. Now the water is coming from some place. There is a large river that runs from the atlantic ocean under the state of Florida to these springs. The water is fresh when it come up in the springs, but the water has traveled a long way so the water become fresh by the time it reaches the springs.
    Out in the so called Bermuda Triangle thre is a giant whirlpool. That is about five miles in diameter. When there is no rain in Florida to help fill the springs, the spring form a pocket in the river. The whirlpool open up and any ships boat or place are pull in and they go in the river that run under the state of Florida – so all the lost ships and boats are under the state of Florida. Here are pictures of what I mean.
    [I tried to scan the image, but it came out horribly]
    The water runs back into the ocean and gulf all water runs back to the seas. There is artesian wells all over the state of Florida. Now this only happens when there is a bad drought then the rivers under the state of Florida form a pocket – then the whirlpool open up and ever thing caught in it, at the time, go down like a fly caught in the sink in the kitchen.
    Let me hear from you.
    I am [Name Deleted]
    [Address Deleted}

    Im speechless.. 🙂

    AARP, WHI, and Argus. Paving the way of shitty Rx processors

    Who here is angry that WHI’s Rx processing was slow/down all week? Who here is tired of paying 7 to 10 cents per Rx transmission only to have WHI’s shitty servers eat up your $1.50 of profit?
    I think that when Rx processors are slow/down, and there is a known system-wide issue, we should get some compensation for the extra switching fees that we have to pay in order to transmit Rx’s.
    I swear, nothing pisses me off more than having to transmit an Rx 5 to 10 times just to get paid. Whats worse is when their servers are so shitty that it accepts the billing from us, but doesnt respond back with the acknolgement. Therefore you have to transmit again to get the stupid “Duplicate Billing” error.
    Heres a suggestion: When your servers are down, instead of just accepting requests in a half-ass fashon, make them all 100% completely down, and respond with an error that tells us the ETA as to when they will be back up. Quit jerking our chains with timeouts, and duplicate billing errors, etc. Up or down, very simple.
    Blah, this entry wasnt less on the funny and more on the angry.. 🙁