CPhT – Why?

One of my staff has recently taken the CPhT exam (thats Certified Pharmacy Tech for those at home).
He showed me the sample test and study booklet. There is NO way a tech should know all of that. Think about it, the law states that a Technician is to preform the remedial tasks of a pharmacist under the direct supervision of a pharmacist.
Why are these overpriced classes teaching them about Cushing Disease, how coumadin works, and other horseshit. Why doesn’t it just test them on a bunch of brand/generic, sound-alike drugs? For 99% of the pharmacy techs out there, thats all they really need! If you need specialized training for a hospital, then get certified in a hospital-tech cert.
All this testing does it gives the technician enough knowledge to /think/ they know the correct answer without taking into consideration the tons of background information thats only acquired in pharmacy school. The tech now has enough information to sound like he/she knows what he/she is talking about, but really doesn’t.
I know all of you CPhT folks out there are going to chew my ass over this, but seriously. How much of that test actually applies to real-life retail pharmacy (where most of the techs are going to work)?

Retired Teachers AKA Hate Mail Magnet

I can deal with old people. I can deal with crackheads. I can deal with the senile, retarded, and the stupid.
I cannot deal with retired school teachers. I’m sorry, it had to be said, I know i’m going to get hate mail up the ass, but sweeping stereotypes are my specialty.

  • Copays: They always /always/ bitch and question about their copay. It doesnt matter if they have been paying the same amount for the last 12 months, they will /always/ complain and make you look it up. Then, when they are proven to be wrong, they bitch! (see Accountability below).
  • Know It All: They think they know everything about everything. Doesn’t matter what drug it is, what class it is, they did research on the int0rweb and know 1000x more than you do. They will sit there and throw around big medical words like they are going out of style. All you can do is try to contain your laughter at this point as they make no sense what so ever.
  • Entitlement: They want trade name. Always. Insurance doesnt cover it? Then I guess its the pharmacists responsibility to make sure that it gets covered with zero copay because I demand trade name. If that doesn’t work they sit there and bitch about it. When the insurance does cover it, they bitch about the $50 copay for that $400 drug!
    You know, I’m sorry that you make crap wages, but just add that onto the list of things that aren’t my problem. You knew going into the job that the pay was crap. For acting so fucking smart you obviously didn’t do your homework to realize that you would be making jack and shit. Furthermore, if you say you teach “for the children” then you should be happy with with you are getting, because you’re doing it “for the children” and not “for the paycheck”

  • Accountability: They are never in the fault. They call in a wrong Rx number and you filled it, its your fault that you didn’t see that they received that refill 3 weeks ago and they make you RTS it. Even if you sit there, show the medication to them, they will find some reason to return it for something else. Guaranteed. Oh, did I mention that its your fault?
    Just remember this. They teach America’s youth. I think thats enough said right there. Flame on, I just had to get this off of my chest.

  • Avandia – Round 2

    Sorry for the downtime the last few days. I heard from my webhost that they got his by a “Distributed Denial of Service Attack” or something. I guess its all better now or something. It wasnt me! I swear! I thought I maybe pissed off the dipshit who published that Avandia study.. 🙂
    Avandia questions are still coming in waves. We actually have doctors who gave us blanket statements to switch all of his/her patents from Avandia -> Actos.
    Now my question about this:
    1. Kickbacks? Oh, I think so.
    2. Doesnt he/she know that the risks from Avandia are a class effect? So when GSK gets its head out of its ass and publishes a paper showing the exact same risks are present in Actos, what are we supposed to say? Your doctor is an idiot?
    3. I thought that drug treatment was supposed to be individualized to the patients, you know, practice medicine. Sweeping mass changes of Avandia -> Actos sorta goes against that dont you think?
    Now for the doctors in the crowd: Is he doing this to prevent himself from getting sued? We all know that study isnt worth the paper to wipe my ass with, yet people are seriously freaking out about it and switching all their patients. Hell, lets switch them to all Metformin, because Lactic Acidosis isnt nearly as scary *sigh*.
    When are people going to realize that Rx medication is a controlled poison?