Their vote counts as much as yours

Some people are just idiots. I know that I’ve gone over and over and over how much people suck, and dealing with the public sucks, and how now I never ever underestimate the stupidity of people. However is planning ahead so hard?
Seriously. When you are on some random tweaky $1600/month drug, is it so hard to give me 24 hours notice before you need a refill so I can order it for you? Do you think that standing there screaming at me that you are out of this medication after I TOLD YOU that I needed to order this special is going to help the situation? It’s not like I told you just now, I told you the last 6 times you got this medication filled and we did not have it. In fact, when I spoke with you on the phone when you called in your refill I FUCKING TOLD YOU that I had to order this!
So no, you want it transfered to the corp-o-chain across the street who (guess what) doesn’t stock it either! You call every pharmacy in town to realize that nobody carries this tweaky new drug. Why do you ask? Because I dont like having $1600 sitting on my shelf just because you are too fucking lazy and too fucking stupid to give me 24 hours notice. Thats right, I’d rather spend that 1600 bucks on hookers, blow, and lap dances than to have it sit in a nice white bottle with 90 tablets inside.
So you eventually come crawling back to me, defeated that nobody has this medication in stock. You didn’t listen to me when I told you the 100 times that I needed to special order this, why would I expect you to listen to me when I said nobody stocks this. Do I have liar tattoo’d on my forehead? Or did you somehow read on the internet how all pharmacies stock this medication. You made me realize that the internet has suddenly made 4 years of grad school and a PharmD obsolete and are the first to rub my face into it. I hate you internets!
But no matter how much of an idiot you are, no matter how much you piss me off or humiliate yourself with your actions in front of my staff, I just remember that your vote counts as much as mine when running this country, and that makes me sad.

Shooting ourselves in the foot, $4 at a time

Say you are an insurance company, and you are looking at reimbursement rates to give to your participating pharmacies. You settle on something thats totally short-cutting the pharmacy (like cost + $2.50). All is well because the pharmacies don’t really have much of a choice.
Then lo and behold some fuckers at Publix are giving away antibiotics for free. Then you see Walmart and other douchebag chains giving away Rx’s for $4/month. Obviously they are sending the message that we can afford to give shit away for free/below cost because we obviously are making too much money filling other things.
To Publix and the $4/month chains: Thanks for shitting in our beds. In an attempt to drum up business under the false pretense of “helping people” you have shit on the rest of us who don’t have multi-million dollar corporate offices to float bouncing paychecks. You are fucking up the profession of pharmacy far more than you will ever gain. Don’t you see that the insurance companies see this shit? Don’t you think that you are publically lighting your cuban cigars with fresh $100’s and blowing the smoke in the faces of those who hold our business (reimbursement) in their hands? You are ruining it for the rest of us. You are giving those rat fucker insurance companies enough ammo to cut their reimbursements even more to us. You are shitting on the little guys and turning our own profession against itself for your own selfish corporate greed.
So yeah, if you are so gung-ho to give away shit for free or below cost, then why dont you pharmacists there work for free or below cost. I’m tired of having to hear people bitch about $4/month drugs and free antibiotics due to fuckers in our own profession. Way to go guys, way to go, you’ll need those free antibiotics when the insurance companies get their heads out of their asses and bend us over.

White Coat Ceremony

While in my absence, I have recieved this email from a student at the University of the Pacific.

First off, I love your site. Since you hate things that are retarded, I figured that you would like to hear about this “White Coat Ceremony” that we had at the University of the Pacific ( It took place a few Monday’s ago during lunch (so those who actually work for a living couldnt attend)
I started pharmacy school in the fall, we haven’t even had our first round of midterms yet and we are expected to go to this utterly retarded ceremony.
So we are expected to dress formally, shirt and ties for guys, dresses for the not-guys. They have this outdoor thing all setup like graduation or something. We stand in single file line and are lead in. The professors stand there and talk about how special we all are, and how wonderful the alumni are for donating money so they could put this on. If it wasn’t for them we could not do this, blah blah blah. The Dean comes and says the line “You are no longer studying for yourself, but studying for your patients”. Then we get our name announced as we walk up there in front of everyone and get this nice white labcoat placed upon us by the faculity. They then give us an Rx pin that stands for “Loyality, Dedication, Honor, Commitment, Trust and the American Way”. You know, stuff like Captain Planet or Captain America would say. Then we get lead down to the dean whom we have to shake hands with while holding a copy of the “Pharmacists Oath”. The ceremony finishes off with more talk about how wonderful the Alumni are for donating money to put this on, etc.
I feel dirty wearing this white coat.

Ah, private schools. The only place where the staff preach about how to work in retail despite them not actually working in retail for 10 years. Where the students sit there and masturbate to their reflection in the mirror of how great they are compared to students who go to a public school. Hate to tell you, but all of our licenses are the same color, and we all get treated the same after you’re done. We all have to pass the same test be it your school cost 50 or 5000 dollars.
I do find it funny that it took place on a Monday. The historic busiest day for pharmacies across the country during one of the busiest times of the day. Maybe they didn’t want the alumni to come (because it sounds like they are /so/ important) to see what a utter fucking waste of their hard-earned donated money this is.
I hate “feel good” ceremonies. My “White Coat Ceremony” was a fucking banquet table out in front of the classroom building with a sign that said “Lab Coats: $15”. It was even wrapped in fucking plastic. What does UOP hope to accomplish with bullshit like this? To get some poor kids hopes up to have them fail the first round of midterms and fail out of school? “Thanks for the memories, heres your white coat to symbolize what a fucking failure you are. Please donate so we can do this next year”.
However lets look deeper at how completely stupid this whole auto-masturbation ceremony that UOP did. If I were a fucking alumni, I wouldn’t give a fucking dime to UOP because I know they are just going to piss it away on fucking stupid shit like this instead of doing something that will actually /help/ the students (classroom supplies, new white lines in the parking lot, blowjobs during finals, etc). I dont even see the purpose of this ceremony, why waste the money on it? To make the students feel better about themselves? I’m sorry, but if you dont feel good about yourself going into pharmacy school, then get the fuck out and make room for someone who doesn’t need a fucking hug and their asshole wiped by the faculty to make them feel “at home”.
Plus whats this “No longer studying for yourself but for your patients” bullshit. I am studying for myself because I /want/ to be a good pharmacist and I /want/ to succeed and I /want/ to be the best that I can be. Making yourself a good pharmacist will directly benefit your patients. You will be more inclined to do it for yourself vs waking up one morning and realizing that you put up with years of college for some unwashed asshole to sit there and yell at you because the doctor hasn’t auth’d an early refill on his soma.
The pin itself is what kills me. It stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way. The submitter was right, it was like fucking Captain America is going to go bash all the crackheads in the face with his Shield of Justice as all the poor folk get their antibiotics. This whole email was so over the top I cant even put it into words how disgusted I am that a school would be doing this. Its a fucking school, you go there to learn. I bet that UOP would even gladly hand you a big fucking F in a class and watch how feel-good you are when you shove that up your white-coat ceremony.
Just more examples as how this website should be on every pharmacy school’s website to let them know what the profession is really like. I thought I had the wool pulled over my eyes, UOP takes the fucking cake. If you are a student at UOP, please comment and tell me that this email was just an over exaggeration and shit like this didnt really happen. Then tell your classmates to join my Facebook Group because only one fucking student at UOP is with the program at this point.
I should fly out and teach a class there.

Oh, a talking head from Express Scripts

Oh-boy! A response from an Express Scripts Reject!

As an employee of Express Scripts, I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know to fuck off. You pharmacies bitch like shit about this but when there’s drugs out there your being reimbursed SUBSTANTIALLY over cost do you call us and complain? I didn’t think so, not as if any of you fuckers are taking a loss on a day to day basis.

So, a Call Center dropout somehow knows what our cost is to fill prescriptions? What is your definition of “SUBSTANTIALLY” over cost? Is $5 over cost? How do you know how much we get medications for? You think that if we were being reimbursed over a ‘fair’ price we would call and bitch? We call and bitch because:

  • You pay us $7 over the base cost when our fixed cost (salaries, vial, label, etc) is close to $9. But of course you know that better than we do, you work for Express Scripts. Plus we all work for free, the vials grow on trees and label’s are delivered to us by the label fairy. The power company also likes to take IOU’s as well.
  • Your system is down, which grinds our business to a halt, and makes patients pissed at /us/ because /you/ decided to do a system upgrade on the first of the month.
  • You dont print ID cards with the correct and complete information. I shouldn’t have to guess that a person code of 98 is needed to fill Rx’s for your patients. Again, the patients have to wait for us to sit on hold to get the right info to process their Rx’s over something thats /your/ fault.
    So yeah, we call and bitch because there is a reason, we’d rather not spend most of our day sitting on the phone when we could be out filling Rx’s.

  • No no, someone didnt kill me.

    Sorry for the lapse. Work, death in family, long needed vacation, life, etc. I’m not dead.

    who r u if u worked for WAG THEY WOULD HAVE FIRED U A LONG TIME AGO. I know
    this will not make it to your blog because your are a plant .give me a
    break . if you are a chain pharmacist you wopuld not know some of the stuff
    you are blogging about like profit margins and such. so own up and tell us
    who you really work for

    I am a plant? What the hell?
    You’re right, if I were a chain pharmacist I would not know about profit margins and other stuff like that. I work for an independent pharmacy (thats a pharmacy not owned by a big company, but a family/single person) so I have to know about profit margins, how much ExpressScripts is boning me, and what a ‘good’ reimbursement is. I’ve said it a bazillion times in the past, you just had to take 2 seconds and look for yourself. Now you look like an idiot in front of everyone. Good job.