Lost/Stolen Medication and the Ulcers they Cause

Did I ever mention how much I hate it when people lose/get their meds stolen?  I mean its a real pain in the ass.  Of course its never the smart people who are willing to pay for their med replacement cost (or the cash customer), its the welfare types who want a replacement for free.

Lets pretend that I go to the supermarket and buy a can of Ragu (“i cant see it!”) spaghetti sauce.  On the way home, I drop it and it breaks in the parking lot.  Can I march right back in there and demand a replacement for free?  Well, if the store was a pharmacy I guess I can.  Remember, everything that comes out of the pharmacy is FREE if you are on welfare, its the American way.  Hell, even if you aren’t on the system they expect trade name medication to be less than $1.

These people don’t even blink an eye when they tell you the lost their meds/got them stolen.  Its like they are saying something completely benign and normal such as “I ate breakfast today” or “I pee’d in the toilet”.  Not even one bit of remorse, of concern, nothing.  “Yeah, I lost them, I need them replaced, how long is it going to be?”.  You know what? Fuck you!  I’m disgruntled because now I have to deal with YOUR FUCKUP.  THANK YOU.

  • You don’t have to deal with the fucking insurance company that throws a huge tizzy when dealing with lost/stolen meds.
  • You don’t have to wait on hold for 30 min with the state insurance program while you are browsing our earring and greeting card selection as your 10 children from 10 baby-daddies scream their heads off.
  • You don’t have to pay the fucking extra $300 to get your fucking Nexium and the 20 other trade name medications (that you don’t even fucking take on a regular basis) replaced just because you are too STUPID or LAZY to keep track of something.  Its all free to you.  You come in, show your fucking state card, and the magical drug fairy shits free medication into vials that I put the cap on and dispense to you with a smile on my face FOR FREE.
  • You obviously are more special than the REST OF US who have to PAY for something when we lose it.
  • Obviously if your medication was as important as your fucking CELL PHONE you would keep track of it.  We all know where the priorities are here.
  • If you had to fucking pay for the replacement, I’m sure you would fucking keep track of them, but OH NO we cannot deny medications to these people; they are POOR.  They NEED OUR HELP.  They obviously didn’t need our help fucking and having all those babies, or need our help spending the money we pay them to sit on their asses.

Wait, it gets better.  Ever notice its their Soma/Vicodin/Norco/Valium/etc that was lost or stolen, not their HCTZ, Lisinopril, Metformin, etc. I mean even if they take Valium once at bedtime they lose it, however their Lipitor is not lost (and its taken at the same time).  But lets not pass judgment now upon these people, because we might offend them if I imply they are fucking LIARS who are just using this as an excuse to get free dope.  No sir, never.  If you are offended by this statement, you need to wake the fuck up and look at the world around you.  Maybe if you would take Prince Valium’s cock out of your mouth all-day every-day you’d keep track of shit better.

Thats right, TAP is throwing down the kids gloves and calling people out.  I’m sick of it.  Its a waste of my time, taxpayer dollars, and just outright reinforcing the lack of personal responsibility/nanny government we are flourishing this day and age.

I’ll have my daily dose of free today

I’m going to go off on my own little banter about the same stupidity that has recently plagued The *Angriest* (because the *’s make it not like my site) Pharmacist.

People on the state tit getting free OTC stuff

I know that I bitch about people on the state dime day in and day out, but like farting it public it never gets old.  However like farting in public, once in a while you shit your pants so you need to moderate.

Covering OTC items isn’t usually a problem until the kid comes back for the 5th time in a month with the SAME prescription for the SAME OTC products.  No antibiotics, no actual Rx legend stuff, just purely APAP and some Dimatapp DM.  Oh, its not just one child either, its all of the children that dropped out of this 29 year old with a clown car for a vagina.

Not only are we paying for these OTC items that the children probably don’t need, but for the doctors visit that the children probably didn’t need because they were just there 2 weeks ago for the same thing!  Fuck taking the child to the doctor and just spend the $3 for some OTC tylenol syrup and treat it yourself!  Isn’t your time worth mon-… oh, I forgot, these people don’t work, so they have TIME to sit in the ER for 9 hours while their children tear all the magazines apart just to be written an Rx for some Motrin suspension.  Silly me.  You would think that after the 4th child you would know how to treat any sort of ailment that the other 3 kids have gotten in their childhood and wouldn’t need to see a doct-… oh, sorry, implication of common sense and good judgment.. Sorry, silly me again.

I think that myself, the (* x Avogadro number) Angriest (* x Avogadro number) pharmacist (wait wait, how many *’s are in 1 mole of Angriest Pharmacist? 6.022×10^24! Come on TAestP, you laughed, its clever), the DrugNazi, and all of the other pharmacists out there who just pound their heads on the table have problems coping with the sheer blatant rampant ignorance of the general public.  What makes it worse, is that they thrive on being ignorant and unable to take care of themselves and will do everything in their power to stay that way.

What makes this even more humorous is that my boss reads this website, and he knows that I write it, and he probably thinks that I’m the most disgruntled and unhappy employee on the face of the planet.  Eh, he’s wrong.

Amoxicillin retardness

So I’ve had just about enough of the boo-hoo bantering about the USA Today article about the baby who received 5x the “normal” amount of amoxicillin and would “writhe in pain”.  Lets look at this from a purely scientific standpoint.

According to Amoxicillin on RxList.com:

A prospective study of 51 pediatric
patients at a poison-control center suggested that overdosages of less than
250 mg/kg of amoxicillin are not associated with significant clinical symptoms
and do not require gastric emptying.3

3. Swanson-Biearman B, Dean BS, Lopez G, Krenzelok EP. The effects of penicillin
and cephalosporin ingestions in children less than six years of age. Vet
Hum Toxicol. 1988;30:66-67.

** DISCLAIMER (I hate doing these, you all should be smarter than this) DISCLAIMER **
Before I go on, the details of what happened are sketchy at best not to mention published by a shitty sensationalist media outlet that just wants ratings and attention.  Like the 14 year old spoiled drama queen playing the rape card after her boyfriend breaks up with her, you have to treat this all with a huge grain of salt and realization that we are making assumptions here about what happened.

Now, assuming that the child is way premature, say it weighs 1 kg or 2.2 lbs.  Amoxicillin comes in your standard 125mg/5cc, 250mg/5cc, or the oddball 400mg/5cc.  Nobody writes for the 400mg/5cc so we’ll just assume that the strength doesn’t exist for our example.

For a 1 Kg infant (which im sure the child weighed a bit more than 2.2 lbs) to receive 5 times the “normal” dose (which for our assumption the upper limit will be 250mg/kg since thats the upper limit of no clinical symptoms) the parent would have to give the child 5 teaspoonfuls a day.  Thats for a 1kg infant, thats 10 teaspoonfuls a day or 50mL (1/3rd of the bottle) for a 2kg patient (which 4 lbs sounds reasonable for a premature infant).

Now what fucking parent with a fucking premature baby would think that giving 5 teaspoonfuls a day of an antibiotic (or anything) would make sense?  Now don’t get me wrong, the mistake shouldn’t of been made in the first place, but don’t you think common sense would kick in around teaspoon number 3 or 4 of “maybe something isn’t right here”.  Considering the father is a “assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of North Carolina” we aren’t dealing with your standard uneducated village idiot here.  How would they know the baby is “writhing in pain” due to the amoxicillin and not just pissed off because its getting over an infection that required IV antibiotics?  Do they have baby brain reading machines?  Hell, have you tasted amoxicillin suspension? It makes me writhe in pain just smelling the dust when I open the bottle.

The /only/ way that I could see this happening is if the doctor wrote 1.5mL and the pharmacist though it meant 1.5 teaspoons.  However 1.5mL’s of the 250/5 is what, 75mg of amoxicillin? For a child that was on IV antibiotics, all that’s going to do is just make the baby spit pink all over the place.  I mean thats about as retarded as when PA/NP’s write for 4.56mL’s tid of amoxicillin because their common sense is in their palm pilot and not in their brains were it belongs. 

Who knows, I may be way off base here, but from the looks of it the USA Today just added the whole Amoxicillin story as purely emotional sensationalism.  Why don’t they write shit about us catching mistakes and saving people vs publically hanging us.

14 and Pregnant – The Saga Continues

Amazing that I still get comments to my rant about the 14 year old pregnant girl. Before all of your pregnant teens jump down my throat screaming “RAPE” (since you all obviously think that EVERY pregnant 14 year olds was raped); Keep in mind that the original post did say that the father of said pregnant girl came into the store with her. I doubt if she was raped the father would be there.

this 14 yr. old WOMAN is not stupid or anything.

Uh, justify that please. How does having a kid when you are not even out of high school considering even remotely a smart idea? Unlike yourself, I would prefer to get an education and get a JOB so I can be financially stable enough to give that kid the best life I could. Somehow I don’t see this person accomplishing that.

14 yr old girls have desires and wants too.

Thats fine, I also have a desire and a want to not PAY for this child because the mother is an idiot. She should DESIRE to use a condom or some of the 100 billion forms of birth control. She should DESIRE to not cave into peer pressure and let some douchy fag tell her he’ll pull out in time. Plus you call her a WOMAN in your previous sentence, and a GIRL in this one. Stay consistent with your terminology please, you are just making yourself look like a bigger idiot than you already do. Choose one, GIRL or WOMAN. I am using GIRL because she is in fact that.

and her parents.. what are they supossed to do be
mad at her the rest of her god willing life??
huh? well if i had a daughter and she got pregnant at 14, i apsolutley know
i would be very upset and disapointed but i wouldn’t show it around other
people. and you would forgive ur daughter if that happened and you know it!

Being tolerant and forgiving is not expressing delight in front of other people. If I had a 14 year old daughter and she got knocked up, I would feel shame every time I went into public with her. Yeah, call me a hard ass but I would raise my child to be smarter than that. The chances of a 14 year old actually being successful in this day and age is close to nil. Not saying that it can’t be done, but most 14 year olds do not have the mental strength and determination to make it. Sorry if you don’t agree, but I’ll give you 100 examples of pregnant teens on the system for your 1 that actually makes it.

people make mistakes wheather they mean to or not they are just PEOPLE not
PROPERTY. and you have prob made a mistake too.

I dont make mistakes that last 18 years and become a financial burden. We aren’t talking about something that is unpreventable either. This is a completely preventable problem that takes a bit of common sense, 2 seconds of prep time, and a basic knowledge. Oh, and once you are on the state program I do consider you to be property. The state pays for you, the state owns you. If the state wants you to go pick up garbage and plant trees for 8 hours a day then you should have to. If you don’t like it, get off of welfare.

plus why is it any of ur
business if she wants to have sex and gets pregnant. its not ur life so why
don’t you just but the fuck out of her business and worry about yourself.
F.Y.I – when a girl first gets a period they turn into a woman. smarty.

Uh, I have to pay for said female and her crotchfruit now for the rest of their lives. All because the mother could not use preventable measures. So yeah, it does effect me, it effects all of us. Obviously from your horrible spelling you are either a teenager or someone who obviously did not finish school because you had a child at an early age. I wont hold this against you however, you just hammered my point home far greater than you could ever imagine.
Thank you for letting me know that when a girl gets a period she becomes a woman. I had no idea. All this time I thought that girls were in fact girls until they GREW UP enough to make smart decisions and support themselves. Getting knocked up at 14 not grown up, and not making a smart decision. This isn’t the 1920’s where you had children (and got married at 14) so you could have WORKERS for your farm. If you had two braincells in that empty noggin of yours you wouldn’t be defending this girl fully knowing that in this day an age an education is everything. If you want to throw your future away over an orgasm thats fine, just don’t do it on the dime of all of us who had a bit more common sense and foresight.

USA Today Article

So I believe I am the last one on this gravy-train of pharmacist bashing that the USA-Today is onto.  If you didn’t read the article (I barely skimmed it to be honest, its the media, and we all know they know everything there is to know about pharmacy and medication) it talks about Walgreens pushing their pharmacists to the limits, an error was made, blah blah blah.  I realize that the article focuses on overworking pharmacists in the chains, but I know that the shit thats splattering against the fan is going to trickle down to the independent level, so this bitch is sorta about mistakes in general.

If you read the article, it plays on the emotion of the poor kid who got the wrong medication, and the poor baby who got 5x the amount of amoxicillin and would ‘writhe in pain’ (give me a fucking break, a 16 day old baby isn’t even developed enough to know it even exists, let alone what pain is). Wah wah wah.  The kid probably was colic or had some gas and was fussy.

I’ll tell you first and foremost.  If you are a student, and have never worked in a pharmacy before, go work in one before you decide to continue any further with your career.  Retail pharmacy is high stress, no if-and-or-but about it.  If you do not take stress well, go dig ditches somewhere and stay out of pharmacy.  If you crack under pressure, or do not take interruptions very well, go sell shoes and do not go into pharmacy.  I don’t want my profession being drug through the mud due to you cracking and fucking up/going on a murderous rampage any more than it already does. 🙂

I’ll be up-front, if a pharmacist ever has said that he has never made a mistake, he’s a fucking liar.  Mistakes happen.  I have made them, you all have made them.  Be it the wrong strength (grab the wrong bottle), or the wrong drug but in the same class (dispense Zestril instead of Lotensin, brain fart), or you can’t read the fucking doctors handwriting (Hydralazine/Hydroxyzine, Lamisil/Lamictal, others that im too retarded to think of right now). 

Most of the times these are caught by your checking system, or the patient tells you that the pills look different.  Sometimes the patient mixes the bottles up at home, puts the wrong medication into another bottle, and blames you for it.

Now some math: If you make one mistake a day (which is huge), and you fill 300 rx’s, thats an error rate of %0.3.  Now if you make one mistake a week, and you fill 300 rx/day x 5 days = %0.06.  Now consider the fact that most phone-in Rx’s are by people who have zero medical knowledge and can barely speak English, or a doctor from India/China who can’t speak nor write English to save his/her life.  Throw in ePrescribing with adding technology to a technological illiterate profession with tiny mouse pointers and drop-down drug lists and you have yourself a class-A clusterfuck. I would say that pharmacists everywhere are doing a pretty damn good job keeping the error rate down.

This is all beside the point, the USA Today article blows autistic donkey ass.  Talk about a piece of shit written article.  Why don’t they do a fucking article about the Walgreen pharmacist who saved a life by warning the doctor that Mrs Jones was getting Amioderone from her cardiologist and her GP put her on Warfarin.  Or that idiot dermatologist who thinks that Doxycycline + Accutane is a good idea (go look up that interaction and tell me if thats not in left field).  Or the 100 billion drugs that causes QT-prolongation with Erythromycin. What about that 5 day old baby who’s life was saved because the fucking pharmacist saw the mother getting the pedicare liquid and told her to just put a vaporizer in the room instead of doping up the kid.  Oh right, that doesn’t get ratings so they don’t fucking publish it.

A pharmacist was overworked, fucked up, and now has his mistake published all over.  How do you think that makes him/her feel? Oh, it doesn’t matter, because a CHILD was endangered and thats more important.  Give me a fucking break.  Let the USA Today do an article about the hundreds of pregnant women who drink booze and smoke and how that TRAGEDY could of been prevented.  This shit is just like anything that has to do with guns, they only publish when some kid gets his head blown off for being an idiot and ignore the 99.5% of cases that they are used for self defensive purposes.

Fuck you USA Today.  I’m tired of your and the media’s sensational bullshit that you produce and spit out to increase your own ratings at the expense of the professions/lives of others.  Mistakes happen, and the first one that I made was going to your fucking website.

Yes, the world hates poor people.

This is going to be a very angry entry.  Unfortunately, some of my readers aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box and somehow associate a site named “The Angry Pharmacist’ to hugging puppies and visiting old folks.  So I’m making a special exception to my “get with the fucking program” implied disclaimer.

This post is about welfare/Medicaid patients.  That being said, I do feel that a ton of people use the system for legit purposes.  The statements made therein do not apply to everyone on welfare/Medicaid.  Therefore, if you somehow get some wild bug up your ass to write me a 20 page bitch-out about how you have 10 incurable diseases as well as chronic pain and are unable to work so you are on Medicaid/welfare and think that I’m a total asshat douche for pegging you into the same class as these people; re-read this over then promptly go fuck yourself for being an idiot.  I am also an idiot for writing the most retarded run-on sentence just now since ‘Dr 4 Degrees’.

Now that we have all of the people who are on welfare (because they don’t have a fucking clue) taken care of, lets get on with the program.  From here on out, welfare/Medicaid will be known just as welfare.  I realize these are two separate yet equal systems, but I’m lazy so I will only type out welfare.

One phrase will make me go completely through the roof when I hear it.  It doesn’t matter if its said in front of me, in the same store as I am, or in the parking lot.

“(Some group here) hates poor people.”

Mostly the phrase is “The Government hates poor people”, but I’ve also heard “God hates poor people” or “The rich hates pooe people”.  Now its going to be “The Angry Pharmacist hates poor people”.

Welcome to Fucking Livid-Land, Population: Me, Elevation: Through the fucking roof.

Yes, you ungrateful fucks, everyone hates the poor.  Lets see how much we fucking hate you:

  • We give you discount/free housing.  I wish my rent was $0-$10/month.
  • We give you free food via food-stamps.  Don’t give me no fucking sob story that you can’t get trade name fucking Cheerios.
  • We give you $200 medications for a whopping free or $1.05/$3.10.  Boy, I wish my fucking copays were that low.  Maybe you’ll get your head out of your ass and realize that you are on the /BEST/ insurance plan in the state.  How much do you pay for it? FUCKING NOTHING!
  • We give you a fucking check every month for all of the cost of living expenses that you DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR BECAUSE YOU GET THEM FOR FREE (Food, Housing, etc)!
  • I am forced to take a portion of my paycheck; the money that I woke my ass up in the MORNING (you know, before noon) and went to WORK to earn YOU don’t have to.

Now you inbred bastards, since you obviously don’t have to work (although you are fully capable of doing so), lets look at the poor son-of-a-bitch who is busting his ass doing shit-jobs for minimum wage so he can support his family.  Or the mother who gets to spend little/no time with her children because she is busing tables for 16 hours a day so she can make rent.  They bust their asses and pay taxes so YOU can sit around, fuck like rabbits with any cock that will wag in your direction, pop out fuck trophies, spend your welfare check on fucking weed, and be a burden on society.  What about those poor fucks who have enough personal pride to NOT rely on the state and who bust their ass so they can not only pay for themselves, but YOU as well.  What do they get? Nothing.  Oh wait, they get their house and car broken into by your fucking welfare babies.

You may say “Angry Pharmacist, easy for you to say sitting in your house typing on your website that everyone loves.  You have no idea the quality of life that these people live in.”  I don’t give 2 flying fucks to Sunday about their quality of life.  You know what quality of life you should get when on welfare? Livable.  Thats right, the bare minimum to survive.  Whats the point then of actually becoming a productive member of society when the state just puts her tit in their mouth to suckle at the expense of all of us who don’t get to have ALL day to enjoy the sunshine because we have to work.  Maybe if they would think “Gee, this sucks, lets do something to improve my life so I don’t have to live in a shithole” instead of “I wish the mailman would come so I can buy some more pot with my check.  Pass the cheerios”.. Eh, fuck it.. Hillary Clinton has a better chance of growing a penis than to nail this idea into the thick heads of the moochers.  They will survive, they always do.  The nanny government will bail their asses out if the going gets tough.  I’d like to see them bail my ass out if I decide to spend all my money on shit I dont need.

I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.  Actually, I’m not, because if you took offense to this then you shouldn’t be sitting on the fucking computer wasting time when you could be working like the rest of us.  Take 2 seconds out of the entire day that you get to sit on your ass to think if you were in China or Mexico how well off you would be. 

I await your public thank-you to one of the higher tax-bracket professionals here who pay for your life.