4 thoughts on “Angry Tweets for 2009-12-10”

  1. Hey….easy on the kids there ..ever tasted crushed ibuprofen? ….maybe he’s got dysphagia….Chiari malformation…you never know…unless you know him. Yeah, I can lighten up ….but easy on the kids there.

  2. I have a 30 yr old adult son with special needs who has a high gag reflex. I have been his only parent since he was a teenager so he is also on “welfare” (which he has never used.) I do not feel that I have to explain this to anyone especially my fellow pharmacists.

  3. At bcmigal: I would think this is something your (his) pharmacist should know. Seeing as that your pharmacist is an important member of the team in keeping your son healthy. Theyre not only there to just hand you the meds.

  4. get this: this one time I was in a pediatric hospital at 19 yo (ya know, the weird age range where I could go either peds or internal medicine) but weighed was at the upper end of kids dosing (f*ck cancer…I did weigh on the lower end of normal for my height at one point until I got sick)
    They insisted I HAD to take 500mg tylenol q4 but they only have 500mg available as liquid even though I keep insisting 150mg doesn’t make that much of a difference and made a huge fuss. They change my med order to 650 q6. And I make an even bigger fuss because either way I’m not getting the pain control I need.

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