Yeah, I know I said 2 posts a month, work has been killing me lately (as it does any pharmacist) so I haven’t had much free time as of late.


Freeitude – The attitude that everything in a pharmacy should be “free” because of the past events of a persons life.  Also called Entitleitude, Pooritude, or Douchebagitude.

One of the most annoying shoot-yourself-in-the-face moments in a pharmacy is when a patient who is on a state/county/city funded drug assistance program/welfare gives you both barrels because they have to “drive across town” to pick up a balance of a $200 medication that they are getting for free.  This act of ungrateful entitlement makes pharmacists and their staff wish for a reduction in population, and mandatory sterilization of the people involved.  It also makes them bitter, and have a general hatred for humanity.  The icing on this cake is that these patients are angry at the world (especially you and your staff) like its YOUR fault that they got hooked on drugs/were born stupid/got hurt and cant work/excuse #424 and put into this situation.  Its annoying, very annoying.

I mean seriously, if someone offered to give me something worth over $200 for $0 (hell, even $5 or $10) would I get pissed off if I had to return the following day to pick up the rest of it? Fuck no! I’m getting $200 bucks worth of goods for nothing!  I’ll gladly return with a smile on my face, a huge thank-you, and an appreciation that cant be measured.

The amount of bitching these patients do about their meditations also lowers my outlook for my fellow man.  Bitching they only received a Lumigan 2.5cc bottle instead of a 5cc bottle (you look up how much Lumigan costs) is like getting upset because the state gave you a black corvette instead of a red one.

Sometimes its not even the constant drone of complaining/whining/bitching these patients bombard me with on a daily basis, its the lack of basic courtesy.  I expect a “thank you” after I save your ass from a drug interaction or getting that prior auth which your doctor would have never obtained on his/her own.  Instead I just get a complaint how I don’t have that $1000 special-order drug in stock even after I told you to give me a week to order it.  Its like I’m expected to be everyone’s mom/dad/babysitter and forget that the sole reason why I am there is to protect you from dying because you’re an idiot with your medications.

Now if you are paying cash for your medications, then you have the full right to bitch at me (as I have the full right to increase the price of your medications the next time you come in), but getting shit for free? Sorry, you have absolutely no room to bitch.  You are getting a handout from the generous taxpayers in your area, be grateful that we are forced to care for you.

Let me put it bluntly; If pharmacists weren’t around, you would of died by now due to a drug interaction or be dead from not getting the proper medication.  We save lives on a daily basis, and no matter how fucked your day/life/etc has been WE are not at fault, so show us some fucking courtesy like your dead-beat parents should of taught you and stop yelling at me for shit that’s 100% not my problem.  Go bitch at the EMTs for putting the IV line in your left arm instead of your right arm while you are bleeding out after that drunk driving accident instead of us.

All of this for $2 dispensing fee.  The kid who vacuums my car at the car-wash makes more in a tip than I do off of your Rx.