Angry Tweets for 2010-09-12

  • Oh hello work, and hello Rockstar Energy Drink. #
  • Yeah, Im the only one here with NO tech and I'm TOTALLY going to page the on-call MD for your early Soma rf. #
  • Twinkletoes, tell your life partner to stop whining at me or I wont refill your viagra. #
  • If I cant get any respect by trying to HELP you, maybe a baseball bat to the face will work? #
  • Oh, the sweet feeling of a crackhead pitching a fit, then having her CC be declined. #
  • How many times do I have to cut you off before you realize I dont give 2 shits about your life story? #
  • Ghetto chicks dancing in the store to that Applebottom Jeans song as a ringtone. GHETTOBOTTOM JEANS, BOOTS FROM THE TRASH! #
  • The cash price for 90 VicodinES #neverforget #
  • Watching chiropractic videos and marveling at the gizmos and snake-oil they use (lasers, percussion guns, cosmic emitters, chicken bones) #

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