Angry Tweets for 2010-09-14

  • TB Patients who are on DOT need to be sent to an island where they can learn to be responsible. #
  • Wait, we now have DOT for HIV patients too? Lets wipe their ass while we are at it! #
  • If you have a serious contageous disease, and you are irresponsible to take meds by yourself, its off to the gladiator arena with you. #
  • Oh, DOT = Direct Observed Therapy = Government worker drives to your house EVERY DAY to watch you take your medications. #
  • Uh oh, some patient is talking a bunch out front.. Wait for it…. Yep, vicodin. #
  • Filled a Viagra Rx and the patient winked and smiled at me #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient wanted me to use her cell phone for a new Nix Rx #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient wanted detailed instructions how to use contraceptive foam #awkardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient yelled to me "My husbands pecker pill refill". Her husband was right next to her #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient asked how far up his butt should he put the suppository #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient tries to silently fart during consultation, but it turns into a high shreeeek #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient asks what the size limit is for the "Magnum" condoms #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Any question involving the pros and cons of Astroglide vs KY Jelly #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Zithromax 1gm pack for VD – Pt asks what this is for #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Having a very stupid mother ask what the BCP tablets for her 13 year old are for #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Patient is angry that I didnt warn him to not use Capsasin cream on his 'parts' #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • Not having time to use the restroom, and a simple fart turns out to be much more #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #

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