Angry Tweets for 2010-09-15

  • Patient just brought in some shady looking corn. I ate it, rest of staff waits for my death (or ass-splosion) #
  • Its depressing to know that ppl arent nice to you for what you do for them, its what you possess for them. #
  • Oh look, you're all buddy-buddy with me. Oh, you want your methadone filled early. Thanks for thinking i'm a fucking idiot. #
  • Website Update: Massive power outage, host is waiting until its fixed before bringing the machines back up. #
  • HAHAHA My Tech: "She needs an Rx for MyCOCKsacillin" Oh man, here we go. #
  • When an idiot argues with me about the price of an Rx, i ask "Do you argue with the gas-station about prices too?" #
  • A Z-Pak confuses you? Does the PUSH and PULL on the front doors confuse you as well? #
  • Come on doctors, Fleets Phospho-Soda isn't made anymore. Learn this fact. #
  • "I know I'm not covered…. Wait, what do you mean I have to pay for this drug!" <— Winner. #dumbasspatientstories #
  • "Yeah, I know I have zero refills. Why cant I get my pills?" #dumbasspatientstories #
  • Patient stated the Miconazole Vag suppository applicator was "too short for her vagina" #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #

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