Angry Tweets for 2010-09-16

  • Im just going to stop telling patients anything, it just gets relayed to the Dr totally back-ass wrong. #
  • How does "Talk to your doctor about lowering dose d/t side effect" turn into "My pharmacist said he doesnt know why im on this medication" #
  • Its always that one resident who takes the pt's word as the Gospel that gets the patient that likes to make up stories of what I said. #
  • So a note on vial & reciept & info sheet & me TELLING YOU isn't enough to prevent a phone call about a diff looking tablet #
  • I have a hard enough time resisting putting "Pt is asshat" in Rx notes, cant imagine if i had to chart stuff. #
  • Why is it women with under-boob rashes are NEVER hot and ALWAYS want to show you. #
  • The only plastic card waved in front of my face that covers 'EVERYTHING' is a credit card. #
  • I havent had a physical in like 10 years. @BurbDoc you taking new patients? 🙂 #
  • Morbidly obese children anger me. I wish to stab the mother in the face with my spatula. #
  • I dont 'buy' this genetic obesity. Unless genetics makes you lazy and eat nothing but shit all day. #
  • Holy shit, how did we ever survive past 50 without Plavix!!!@#!@#! Yeah, just take aspirin and be happy. #
  • Im like a ghetto back-alley doctor. Well, more like ghetto triage. #
  • I need to find a PCP that will yell at me about drinking, then go out drinking with me after work. #
  • "Why does metformin smell like unwashed vagina" #patientquotes #
  • "Vicodin ES gives me hives, Norco 10 do not" #patientquotes #
  • "Do you have the bottles with the big nipples? My baby is used to BIG nipples" #patientquotes #
  • Its so nice to get a call from a NP/PA/MD/etc regarding "Hey, what should we do about patient x and drug y" #

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