Angry Tweets for 2010-09-17

  • Oh, sure, I'll do the paperwork for your state program so you can get an early fill because you are GOING TO HAWAII for 2 weeks. #
  • You know how you avoid burnout in medicine/pharmacy? Bitch, rant and bitch some more. #
  • "How much is my $5 copay going to cost me?" #patientquotes #
  • Patient hands me a oncology consult thinking its an Rx. He didnt know what oncology meant nor that he had cancer. #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • My tech just changed 2 x $5 copays to $2.50 & $7.50 to see what the patient would do. #
  • QUESTION FOR PCP's: Fill an Rx before we get the OK from you (for maint meds) or have the pt be without and go to the er. #pharmquestions #
  • Using hand gestures to ask a non-english speaking patient if they need external or internal miconazole vag #awkwardmomentsinpharmacy #
  • I think im going to wear nothing but those truck-stop t-shirts with a Wolf/Moon/Indian on them. #
  • #RulesOfTAP Dont bitch about what you get for free #
  • Ive got a raging HA today. Hoping to have a CVA so I can go home early. #
  • Oh, MD said for you to stop taking vicodin so you "threw them away". Right, threw them in your mouth more like it. #
  • I didnt get the memo that its my fault their insurance lapsed due to non-payment/paperwork issues #
  • Damn I feel bad that I didnt pay everyones premiums or renewed their Medicaid paperwork. 🙁 #
  • Fuck MTV for making it cool to be '16 and pregnant' let them foot the bill. #
  • Ive realized that @BurbDoc and myself are like the angry wonder-twins of the health-care world. #

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