Angry Tweets for 2010-09-21

  • If you cannot find out how to get here, I'm sure we dont want you as a patient. #
  • It doesnt matter what you want. It matters what your INSURANCE company wants. Pay if you want to have a say #PharmacyPROTIP #
  • "I was looking up Amioderone on the internet….." OH GOD KILL ME NOW NOT ON A MONDAY *sigh*. #
  • Patient talking about True Blood (HBO) on their iPhone then bitch at me because a cream costs $30. Sookie would of paid the $30. #
  • Dont worry maam, your "percs" wont burn your lips like that glass pipe will. What a perfect circular lip burn you have! #
  • This bacon ultimate cheeseburger should come with Mucomyst for the angiogram. #
  • #PharmTranslator "I lost my pain pills" -> "I took them all last night" #
  • #PharmTranslator "My pain pills got stolen" -> "My girlfriend and I took them all last night and screwed until dawn" #
  • #PharmTranslator Im going out of town for a month -> I traded my pain pills for weed #
  • #PharmTranslator "The doctor told me to throw them out" -> "I gave them to my friend for his boat (thats sitting on my front lawn on blocks) #
  • #PharmTranslator "Dr told me to take more if I need it" -> "I need to make that payment on my Escalade" #
  • #PharmTranslator "Fill all of my regular meds" -> "Fill all of my FREE meds AND my Vicodin Early" #
  • #PharmTranslator "Someone threw my Opana in the trash" -> "My boyfriend is getting us some good meth!" #
  • People who I wouldn't trust to cut my grass correctly are raising todays youth. Thats fucking scary. #
  • #PharmTranslator "I had 6 refills on that Vicodin Rx" -> "Please dont notice the pen I used doesnt match right" #

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