Angry Tweets for 2010-09-23

  • just got yelled at for giving HCTZ 25 1/2 qd instead of HCTZ 12.5 1 qd saying that I got it wrong. Read the label and have some humble pie. #
  • Pharmacy – The punching bag of insurance companies/doctors/the public/the world. The other white coat (with the target on it) #
  • Not in the mood for being yelled at. Sad when you need to expect to get screamed at once a day min. #
  • FUCK just screamed at by a doctor b/c she wanted psych meds given WEEKLY yet didnt write anything on the hard copy. #
  • Dear Purdue and RxPATROL, we are minimizing our risk by just not stocking your product. Thanks! -TAP #
  • Narcan is like the indian-giver of the opioid family. Its like the repo man, or the uncle nobody wants to see. #
  • You've paid for this the last 6 months, WHY are you yelling that now you have to pay for it? #
  • Its nice when your mom does stuff for you, but when she talks for you at the pharmach and you're 47, its pretty sad. #
  • I know this guy is a 47 yo virgin, lives in his moms basement, has anime posters on his wall and beats off to D&D characters. #
  • If my first name was Sparta, I'd answer the phone "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA!!!" #
  • When crackheads pitch a fit and make me call the Dr's office, people get kicked out of practices. #
  • Today please be over. If a comet hit me now that would be awesome. #
  • My face slamming into this counter seems like a damn good idea right now. #
  • Overhearing how pt didnt have a ride to doctors, so they called an Ambulance. The price of Free Folks! #

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