Angry Tweets for 2010-09-29

  • Dentist wrote DAW-1 on a Luride Rx. My opinion of dentists writing Rxs is upheld. #
  • Heres a novel thought. Maybe if you TOOK your meds you would be on LESS meds! #
  • Heh, big procrit recall. Its nothing big, only tiny glass flakes 1 micron in size that BRING DEATH TO YOU! #
  • Name your favorite Pen. You know you have a brand you like! Mine is Pilot G2 7mm. #
  • People with the same first and last name crack me up. I usually call them Firstname^2 #
  • I've had a stiff neck for 2 days. I'm praying for meningitis. #
  • As you can see, im just having a STELLAR day.. 🙁 #
  • Lidoderm? From the ER? Come on ER docs, dont try for fancy shit. #
  • Saw little old asian lady lift a leg and rip one on the plastic waiting area chairs. So loud, so very loud #
  • A fart is a joke that never ever gets old. #
  • Pt: "Is this medication returnable" Me: "Would you want meds that went to randoms persons house then returned?" Pt: "Uh, ew, no". #
  • Just got an Rx for Clozeril. Clozeril, who the shit still uses Clozeril? #

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