Angry Tweets for 2010-09-30

  • I dont care about your sob story. I cant pay my staff or eat on sob-stories. #
  • I'm the wrong person to talk to about "Is pharmacy a good profession" What? Am I bit too jaded and realistic? #
  • I wonder if Miralax would go well with Gin. #
  • 18, dressed like a skank with your tounge pierced? Let me start the PA on your Valtrex now. #
  • Let me also slap the shit out of your parents for letting you look like a whore in public. #
  • Heh, some guy just threatened to do a robbery here. Bad move bucko, go find another store to put up with your shit. #
  • My tech: "If those titties hung any lower they would be called knees!" #

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