Angry Tweets for 2010-10-01

  • When you bring in a stack of hard copies, dont ask me in 5 min if they are ready yet. #
  • "THATS FOR MY FOOT PAIN NOT MY BACK PAIN" "How about the pain of my boot up your ass?" #
  • Precriptions are like sex, nobody likes to pay for it. #
  • Hey douchebag, no matter how many times you ask for your hard copies back, vicodin isnt magically going to appear. #
  • No, you cannot take "1/2" of an Effexor XR. No, you cant count the beads inside and only take half. Yes, this will help your OCD. *sigh* #
  • Prescription (bottles) are like sex. Its frustrating when you cant pop the top. (ok, that was a stretch) #
  • Aw buttfuck, I have a real PITA yeller patient out front and I need to deliver some bad news. So not in the mood for an argument. #
  • *sigh* Im so done for today. #
  • Oh god dammit, I dont need a Levaquin-while-on-dialysis question after getting done with an asshat. #
  • Yelling at me over $4 worth of OTC tylenol. Welcome to America – Land of the Free – Home of the what-do-you-mean-i-have-to-pay-for-that!!!! #
  • The only people who are "Free" in this country are the people who have scammed the government to pay for their lives. #
  • Even the most crooked, thieving CEO has to get his ass out of bed, put his pants on, and go into work (as well as pay /some/ income tax). #
  • Beer to the first MD who puts "asshat" in a chart note. #

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