Angry Tweets for 2010-10-07

  • I can only blame my fart on this squeaky board im standing on for so long. 🙁 #
  • #TotalBastardRPh Pacing and staring at me wont make your insurance company update their systems faster. #
  • Targets commercial about their Pharmacists makes me want to quit the profession. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh Im sure your Dr would like to know how absolutely loaded you are right now. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh If your loaded ass wanders in the parking lot and gets splattered, it would make my day. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh you hanging on your 'girl' tells me that you're either insecure or shes a whore. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh you making out with your 'girl' tells me that I'll need some prenatal vits in stock soon. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh Crazy faith-healer woman is here to pick up her meds. Yes, I know the irony is killing you. #
  • It amuses me to see Dr's and Nurses post about how they hate the insurance companies when WE deal with them 99% of our day. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh "d/c ace-i d/t persistant cough, use cozaar" Sure, its the ace-i and not the 4 cigs the dude chain-smoked outside #

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