Angry Tweets for 2010-10-16

  • I've been here for 10 mins and already I want to slam my face into the counter. #
  • Power work on wednesday, store will be without power. Scrambling for a generator.. 🙁 When it rains it pours. #
  • "I KEEP ON URINATING" "well, do you drink a lot of fluids?" "ONLY A POT OF COFFEE! I NEED SOMETHING OTC TO MAKE ME STOP PEEING!"*headdesk* #
  • Medical professionals are the babysitters of society. #
  • "I NEED SOMETHING TO MOVE MY BOWELS! I HAVENT POOPED IN 3 DAYS!" "Are you eating anything?" "IM ON A LIQUID DIET!" *bangimdead* #
  • When I get old and senile (if I live that long, doubtful) I want to be a burden on everyone. #
  • My diet since wednesday night has consisted of coffee, a few beers, and a few pieces of halloween candy 🙁 #
  • Oh sure, park your fat ass in your sitter/walker right in the middle of the main lane of the store. #
  • Glad to see that @burbdoc is alive #
  • eRx I just recieved – Lantus: use 10 ml qd hs ud. #
  • Oh, Liberty Medical? Fuck you and fuck the Quaker Oats man who says "Test Often" #
  • Line from a "Nurse" (to me) "This is so easy even a pharmacist could do it". I had her crying as I found out she was a STUDENT NA! HAHA! #
  • My techs dont answer the phone as pharmacists, so why should NA's call themselves "Nurses"? #
  • NA = Nursing Assistant. Its the nurses version of our pharmacy techs. #

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