Angry Tweets for 2010-10-19

  • Oh monday, why must you hate pharmacists. #
  • Wow, for being so "Praise Jesus ™" so sure are pushy, rude and an asshole. How un-Jesuslike. #
  • No no, if "God blessed me" he would of wiped your ungrateful ass off of the planet. Thanks for coming! #
  • Oh great pharmacy gods, please accept the sacrifice of the coffee i spilled (and made a mess) for me to have a good day. #
  • Why do ghetto people have SO much drama they MUST loudly talk about on their phone while in the store? #
  • Dear Ms Ghetto – Maybe if you speak like a human you might get a guy who wont leave you after he knocks you up. Just a thought. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh You can't train stupid. #
  • When I do a ton of work and you dont even tell me thanks, it really bugs me. Maybe if you were nice someone would hire your ungrateful ass. #
  • Begging if I can give atenolol to be paid for on the first, yet you can afford smokes and a cell phone. How about no. #
  • This may seem stupid, but what is Walgreens POWER that Im about involve myself along with @drugmonkey in a Jihad against. #

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