Angry Tweets for 2010-10-21

  • Generator humming and showing 0 oil pressure (I think bad gauge), UPS's are clicking off and on. Work faster power-pole men! Work faster! #
  • I feel like Geordi LaForge and I sense a warp-core breech soon. #
  • Warp core is holding even though now its showing 0 oil pressure. Not overheading, so I think gauge is busted #
  • Pt just "won a trip to Disneyland" and needs her vicodin a week early. Then said "I'll pay cash!". I laughed at her. #
  • Power pole workers are sitting around having lunch. Must be nice (as I'm stressed about the pharm system UPS dying) #
  • Pt: "Is your power back on yet?" Me: "Yes, we just like running with no lights and a roaring generator out back for fun" #
  • The "Did you guys forget to pay your power bill" joke wasn't funny the first 30 times I heard it today #
  • Warp core holding, subspace transmitters offline. #
  • Subspace transmitter outage is effecting over 400 businesses. Reminder to Starfleet to change subspace carriers ASAP (fucking Comcast) #
  • Yay everything came back online! YAYAYAYAYAYA!! #
  • Im not sure if I should be insulted that you thought I wanted to see your thighs chafe. I know how the first fire was made now. #
  • You know how pants make "zip zip zip" noises from thighs rubbing when walking? This woman made a sim sound with bare skin USING HER LEGHAIR #
  • Im training a soon-to-be-in-pharmacy-school student. Be afraid, be very afraid. #

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