Angry Tweets for 2010-10-22

  • Its as constant as the sun. The most ignorant/slow patients always have the Rx's with issues #
  • asshat:"I LOST MY KEYS HERE YESTERDAY!!" Me:"uh, how did you leave from here?" asshat: "IN MY CAR!!" Stupidity – 1 / TAP – 0 #
  • This procrit recall is really starting to piss me off. #
  • "I guess I should start reading the bottle labels" #
  • "No, your doctor knows exactly what he's doing. You just refuse to listen to him" #
  • Its amazing how much of our time the idiots suck away from the people who really do have important questions/problems. #
  • What seperates the Idiots from the Non-Idiots? Listening skills, trust, and the ability to understand and use information we give. #
  • Today is looking to be a Jim Bean evening for me. #
  • If your nipples point to the ground when you walk, you need to start wearing a bra in the store #
  • My soon-to-be-in-pharm-school trainee bought a book "Based on the PDR" for drug info. Yeah, Im speechless. #
  • Winter is starting. Saw the first PJ bottoms with the tiny 'hottie' top and a big, bare preggo belly hanging out. #

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