Angry Tweets for 2010-10-23

  • My GERD really is killing me today. Im just waiting for the black tarry stools to come. #
  • Dear GI bleed. Please drown in hot coffee. Love, TAP. #
  • Uh oh, restroom time. Time to see if my stomach exploded. #
  • You need your gravel road sealed? Talk to my stomach/ass. #
  • If the pharmacy profession could have an associated smell, it would be a mixture of camphor, menthol, and Tinture of Opium. #
  • Sighing, moaning and groaning isn't going to get you pushed to the front of the Rx refill line. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh Part of me is wondering what face you will make, Ms 300mg bid Seroquel, when you insert these prometh supp. #
  • Okay, I'm just a stupid retail pharmacist, so I ask: Why would you give a woman Flomax? HTN? Not really a woman? #
  • Ah, I see the doctors all bail from twitter early on friday, just like they bail on pharmacists. #
  • Dont pretend to be my friend when I overheard you asking the clerks what my name was 2 seconds prior. #
  • Uh, can anyone with an iphone see if 'blaxploitation' is in your auto-complete or is my phone revolting against the man. #
  • Boy, going to have a hard time explaining to my friend why Prevacid tablets are pink and blaxploitation #

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