Angry Tweets for 2010-10-26

  • Few joys in pharmacy: Transfering a real PITA patient and having the other pharmacist beg you to not send him over. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh Dont view me xfering your shit out as goodbye, but view it as 'Go fuck yourself'. #
  • No worse feeling than being swamped, having to fart, and not knowing what the matter state of resulting explusion will be. 🙁 #
  • Its monday, I'm swamped, and I have some senile old lady singing at the top of her lungs. :\ #
  • They should add "No good deed goes unpunished" and "Nothing in life is Free" to the Pharmacists Oath. #
  • Yeah, slather on that Zovirax ointment like its a $1.99 tube of Hydrocortisone. You aren't footing the bill, we are. #
  • I wish our big prescribers were like @burbdoc so I could say "Either let me change the Rx to a covered drug, or I'm sending the pt back to u #
  • Medical resident just called me to vent about a patient. Pimped my website to him. #
  • I refuse to put "for tummy trouble" on the maalox label doctor. Sorry, we're not 11 years old here. #
  • When I write that ONLY this drug is covered. Writing for something else is going to be… NOT COVERED! #
  • Wow, i have 1/2 hour left here and I'm just now caught up.. 🙁 #

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