Angry Tweets for 2010-10-30

  • You're the type of ungrateful fuck who would go to a soup kitchen on thanksgiving & bitch of dry turkey and lumpy gravy. #
  • #TotalBastardRPh there isn't directions printed on your pack of smokes or can of beer and you take those fucking fine. #
  • So who's dressing up as me for halloween. Oh, you all dress up as me EVERY DAY! #
  • Obnoxious dimple-piercing woman is back. Product of drunken Dr Frankenstein is a good halloween costume. #
  • You in a tube-top reminds me of an over-stuffed sausage with the ends cut off. FDA should approve you for appetite supression #
  • Pt: "You arent going to give me any candy because im fat and have diabeetus?" / Me: "Yup!" #
  • Im hoping Halloween kills most of the dumb-ass diabetics this year. #
  • #PharmacistFeud You are an asshole, smell like piss and have no teeth bringing in an Rx. SURVEY SAYS *ding* METHADONE! #
  • If you think that 1/2 = 1 or 2, maybe you deserve to OD and die. #
  • Its not that I hate my patients, its just I hate it when they want me to be their father(s) #
  • I'm giving out Oxycontin 80 this weekend for halloween. Only the OP's though. The OC's are for the party prior. #
  • Oh, even better! I'm giving out Alli and pizza for this halloween! #
  • Tonight I forsee Gin in my future. #
  • So, who wants to calculate the Sodium Load of Gin so I can make it isotonic? No real reason…. sorta…. #
  • Speaking of booze: Vodka in an asthma nebulizer seems like a unique (and dangerous) method of getting hammered. #

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