Angry Tweets for 2010-11-28

  • Would blowing up a full Walmart on Black Friday be the computer equivalent of "Right-Click -> Empty Trash"? #
  • Im half thinking of doing a Podcast with @Drugmonkey every other month on 'the state of pharmacy'. ie: us getting drunk and rambling. #
  • Sirius/xm is playing dubstep. Just shoot me #
  • I think this mcdonalds employee is loaded out of her skull. Got my order right though #

Angry Tweets for 2010-11-26

  • My text to my friend: If you dont get absolutely trashed today you have done the pilgrims a disservice. Response: Yessir! #
  • So at work I'm going to cave in to the "Spirit of Giving". Like giving your vicodin refill thrown at your face. #
  • Why do the nastiest/ugliest/most repulsive people always get prescriptions for Viagra/et al, condoms, and some random benzo? #
  • Maybe If I make a condom out of fentanyl patch material these idiots would actually use them. #
  • I think while really drunk tonight I'm going to rewrite the "12 days of Xmas" to the "12 days of Crackhead" #
  • Dreading Monday. Considering bringing a flask to work with an Rx label on it stating "LIQUID SANITY" #
  • I wonder if my mom is going to cut herself this year and expect me to suture it up so she wont have to leave dinner. :\ #

Angry Tweets for 2010-11-25

  • I must of heard every damn excuse to get narcs early today. Fucking crackheads give me hemorrhoids. #
  • The people who show up at 6pm day before thanksgiving wanting refills are the same ppl who buy a frozen turkey thanksgiving morning #
  • #thankful My facebook/website/twitter peeps (I love you all), my loving and very patient wife, my wonderful daughter, booze, booze, booze. #
  • Im especially #thankful for the FDA pulling Darvocet since I have 1500 FUCKING TABLETS THAT I CANT DISPENSE NOR RETURN. #

Angry Tweets for 2010-11-24

  • No. Soma and vicodin are not used as turkey stuffing. Go away crackhead. #
  • My lunch is more important than you, your life, or the bullshit sob story you are currently emitting in my direction #
  • Santa needs to bring this fucker some brains or a quick death. I'd deal with a glass of stfu even. #
  • If I were an md, I would refuse to associate with WalMart. #
  • Hung up on once and just ringing now. Walmart, the phone system low price leader #
  • There are 5 rxs waiting and I put my foot down and are taking a much needed shit break. I hear whining but I don't care. #
  • #pharmacymath The more words you tell me the less I believe them #
  • If this turf had WATSON or DAN or OC on the side someone would lie to me to consume it early. #
  • Uh turf = turd. Fucking iPhone ruined my joke #
  • Why is CASH a 4-letter word in pharmacy? #

Angry Tweets for 2010-11-21

  • I just bought @drugmonkey book. You should too. SUPPORT PHARMACY BLOGGERS! Search amazon for Drugmonkey #
  • I kinda want to write a book now: "Rants from The Angry Pharmacist – An insiders look at why you make your pharmacist a raging alcoholic" #
  • Pharmacy patients – Putting the Burbon in the coffee of pharmacists across America since the 1800's. #
  • What!?? They pulled Placebocet and Darvon off the market? JESUS TITTYFUCKING CHRIST I HAVE LIKE 3 FULL FUCKING BOTTLES HERE. God dammit. 🙁 #
  • This fucking refill center wants the Gauge Size for insulin syringes? Lets waste more of my time shall we? #
  • I wrote "12" in big black sharpie and faxed it back, lets see if they get the joke. #
  • Great, the obnoxious methadone cokehead asshole just walked in talking to himself loudly. Im about to tell him to stfu with my fucking boot #
  • This guy wont shut the fuck up. I so want to inject a syringe full of Narcan in him just so he has a reason to fucking open his mouth. #