Angry Tweets for 2010-11-26

  • My text to my friend: If you dont get absolutely trashed today you have done the pilgrims a disservice. Response: Yessir! #
  • So at work I'm going to cave in to the "Spirit of Giving". Like giving your vicodin refill thrown at your face. #
  • Why do the nastiest/ugliest/most repulsive people always get prescriptions for Viagra/et al, condoms, and some random benzo? #
  • Maybe If I make a condom out of fentanyl patch material these idiots would actually use them. #
  • I think while really drunk tonight I'm going to rewrite the "12 days of Xmas" to the "12 days of Crackhead" #
  • Dreading Monday. Considering bringing a flask to work with an Rx label on it stating "LIQUID SANITY" #
  • I wonder if my mom is going to cut herself this year and expect me to suture it up so she wont have to leave dinner. :\ #

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