Angry Tweets for 2010-12-02

  • My crackhead fight idea was pretty damn good. We could also do it with OC Oxycontin (complete with complementary pill crusher!) #
  • Fuuuuuck its the first. FUCK. I hate the first. Lets see who's not covered, whats not covered, and how this is all MY fault. #
  • Rosa parks said no to giving up her seat, and would say NO to an early vicodin refill. #
  • "Maam, do you have a toddler I can explain this to? You just aren't getting it" #
  • #ICD348 FUCKOFF Idiots love to wait until I get all 10 of their Rx's billed and filled b4 presenting an insurance card and 90d sup demand #
  • I wonder if any other profession has a ball-busting day of shit-thats-not-my-problem-yet-you-make-me-fix-it like pharmacy does. #

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