Angry Tweets for 2010-12-03

  • If you go to the ER and get an Rx, then wait 1.5 months to fill that Rx, you should be billed the full amount of the ER visit. #
  • You can plan a fucking vacation but you are incapable of calling in your refills TWO DAYS before you are out. Outstanding. #
  • Tech school called asking if we take externs, i said "I have my hands full babysitting patients, dont need your students too" #
  • You cant have your cake and eat it too you ungrateful fuck. Take your FREE pills paid for by the state and be happy. #
  • I overheard you in line saying you are going xmas shopping after this, so why the fuck are you telling me you have "no money" to pay copays #
  • This woman looks like a clown contestant for the biggest loser show that was raped in the face by an Avon lady. #
  • Enter witty tweet about the general stupidity of society here. #

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