Angry Tweets for 2010-12-16

  • Prometh with codeine needs to be shipped in 55 gallon drums for the holiday season. #
  • Hey @PASlave, can I compound 'sizzurp' and bill their insurance? Dx: Taste of Prometh/Codeine makes them gag. #
  • If you calling in an Rx is like pulling teeth, maybe you shouldn't be calling in prescriptions. #
  • Phrases I dont like to hear when you are calling in an Rx: "Hey *other clueless idiot in office* does this look like *drug* to you?" #
  • Guy just came in wearing a t-shirt with a pic of his face with the words "Real Nigga" under it. Wow. More like "Real Idiot" #
  • The California narcotic reporting system (CURES) is like Santa, or Jesus. He knows where you've been and if you're naughty. #
  • If the doc checks "one refill" box but you took it upon yourself to give yourself "3" then you get 0 and a boot from us and your doc. #
  • When we're at work, I shall call you Dr. Once we are not at work, you shall be called by your first name like every other idiot out there. #
  • 15 transfers, none have refills, and you want to wait for them. Would be nice if your ins paid me more than $2 above my cost. #
  • Whoo! @drugmonkey and I got published in a real scientific journal! To the writers: try working in the trenches. #
  • Im stoked that I got published, but pissed that @drugmonkey is #1 in the pharmacy blog world. #
  • This article states that @drugmonkey is #1 but I'm the most influential. What the fuck? #
  • My server is full of fail. New one come quickly please! 🙁 #
  • Oh, looks like twitter isn't updating my facebook statuses now. Wonderful. #
  • The irony of my last tweet being the second one all day posted to facebook is amusing. #

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