Angry Tweets for 2010-12-18

  • Penis Friday. Or should I say "RTS my viagra because I didnt know it was going to be $50 for the 3rd month in a row" Friday #
  • Penis Friday. Or should I say "Holy shit my wife isn't worth that much to nail" Friday. #
  • Whenever I see a crackhead approach the counter, I want to play the "Price is Right" song. #
  • Oh yeah, my site is back up. Hammering the pharm-tech schools for fun and profit! #
  • Nothing better than in the middle of eating taco truck at the counter some cat-piss smelling slob walks up and gasses me out. #
  • My new tech from tech-school: What the fuck is ECASA? E-Kasa? Thats not in my book! 15k dollars ladies and gentlemen! #

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