Angry Tweets for 2010-12-21

  • Tonight I drink whiskey out of a coffee cup. #
  • While working on my watch, I have seemed to misplaced my coffee mug full of booze. #
  • I wish some rich-as-fuck-MD would say "Yanno TAP, Have a new Rolex for making me laugh so much". I have a mechanical watch brain tumor. #
  • Notice I said rich-as-fuck-MD and not rich-as-fuck-pharmacist? What does that tell you. 🙂 COFFEE MUG FOUND! CRISIS AVERTED! #
  • Im such a whore, If Purdue would give me a Rolex I'd put Oxycontin ads on my website. But only if they are the OC's (cuz the OPs dont work) #

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