Angry Tweets for 2010-12-30

  • Its always peaceful to get here before opening, yet dreadful as you wait for the chaos to start #
  • So if Colcrys copay-assistance coupons are void in MA, guess URL just fucked an entire state with their greed #
  • Im so angry (go figure) at Colcrys / Qualaquin bullshit. Lets just pull ASA for lack of efficacy/safety studies while we're at it. #
  • Gee, lets wait in the ER for an Rx for Robatussin DM and sudafed. What did people EVER DO without ER rooms? #
  • The E shouldn't be for Emergency, It should be "I have a cold" room. 99% of Rx's are NOT emergencies. #
  • There are a lot of fucked up people in this world, and they all are attracted to my store like flies on shit. #
  • Nobody has offered me a rolex for advertising on my site. I'm disappointed. #
  • Something creepy about a guy demanding a refill on his vicodin early and his eyes dont point straight + no teeth in his mouth. #
  • Wow. Guy just yelled at me because he drove ALL THE WAY HERE to find out he has 0 rf. As if it wasnt ON HIS FUCKING BOTTLE #
  • Its sad when this simple note I wrote on a refill request will be completely misunderstood by the person who has the power to write Rx's #
  • All the smart doctors must be off this week. I didnt know a simple answer to a Yes/No question was a scribbled signature. #
  • Patient refused to P/U rx D/T $30 copay. Then the doctor calls me 5 mins later and gives me both barrels as to why it wasn't dispensed! #
  • I gave the doctor a choice of two drugs that are covered. She wrote in some drug in the same class thats not covered. *headdesk* #
  • Why is telling me your fucking name such a mental task for you? #
  • If this guy was any dumber he'd be in the hospital with sepsis for eating his own feces. #
  • If my last name were Kauk, I'd totally be an OB/GYN #
  • Wait, so you denied the syringes but OK'd the Lantus? Let me cut myself open and dump some lantus in. #

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