Angry Tweets for 2011-01-01

  • Been here for 5 min's and already filled 500 vicodin ES. Today is going to be rough. #
  • I have my wood-chipper all gas and lubed up ready for the new year! #
  • I resolve to be less of an asshole in 2011………. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YEAH RIGHT!! #
  • Now what CYP150 inhibitor can I take to prolong my drunkness tonight #SUPA NERD #
  • Hi keypad! Please move the 1 away from the 4! CYP450! #
  • Im suprised that @pharmtech96 only has 100 followers. Shes angry enough to be my tech. #
  • "Nurse" called in 20 meds, then wanted me to read them all back to her. Yeah, right, just fax me the discharge sheet and be done with it. #
  • Walgreens gets the prize for the "Hold Time Leader" #
  • Hey fucktard, the radio is for OUR listening, not for YOUR personal American Idol. #
  • I should get "You graduated from a tech school, you should know this" on an auto-repeating boombox. I say it 10 times a day. #
  • Oh, he was #1 in his class too. #
  • I love how tech schools say they are doing us a favor by giving us "free externs" that we need to babysit. #
  • Hey WAG, where are my fucking copies? Oh? You're busy? Well your staffing is not my fucking problem. #
  • To all the new peeps following me: Congratulations! You're about to see how much pharmacy blows donkey dick! #
  • Off to one of many parties. So dont feel like going out tonight. Happy new year everyone! May your viagra last less than 4 hours! #
  • 80mg of Pepcid and 8mg of Zofran on-board. Time to rock and roll. #
  • Party time halted. Cannot find shoes. #
  • Also cannot find suture kit and med bag. No point in going to the ER tonight since they will be SWAMPED. I go to rockin parties 🙂 #

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