Angry Tweets for 2011-01-05

  • Starting off the day singing the "Wrong Song" I have decided that I'm Dr Cox from scrubs today. #
  • My tech-student told me "Glad you didnt pull any punches yesterday with me". I treated her with kid gloves (which are now OFF!). #
  • Why do reps even visit us? We cant do shit and we sure as hell aren't going to suggest a new trade-name drug. #
  • I just heard out front "I had an written Rx but I lost it". I guess the term "Shit out of luck" is applicable here. #
  • How amazingly awesome (and dysfunctional) to have a hospital ran/staffed by the dr/nurses/pharm staff on twitter? Make it a TV show? #
  • Ive decided that I need to make more real-life pharmacy/doctor friends. #
  • Now all I need to make my Twitter-ran hospital a reality is an infinate sum of money to pay all you greedy bastards! #
  • And I also need the ability to spell infinite. #
  • Another 1000 today. Less busy but more trainwrecks/fires/ungrateful asshat patients #
  • Fuck. Its only tuesday and there isn't enough booze in the world that can make this week go smoothly. #
  • Im always nervous about my new website posts as I sorta care what people are going to say. I should get over that. #

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