Angry Tweets for 2011-01-07

  • Sorry dude, the pill you "found in your sons room" isn't a narc. You got burned. #
  • 10 min patient sob story out front and Im dreading them calling my name. #
  • Amazing how much concern I can show on my face when deep down I feel that this is so not my problem nor can I do anything about it. #
  • I hate being the human shield for some cowardly doctor who writes "No early refill" yet caves at the slightest pressure from the pt. #
  • Seriously, if you are going to write "No Early Fill" then balls up and stand up to the crying/yelling/whining like every pharmacist does #
  • Its amazing how much shit you should be taught in pharm school, yet arent (mostly dealing with people). What a waste of money. #
  • See my old worn out shoes? See your new boots and purse? See how you're bitching about $4 copay, see me really not caring? #
  • Purell hand sanitizer is superior to its generic counterpart. It just smells better. #
  • So if Jenny McCarthy's kid was killed by a dz prevented by MMR, would she still be anti-vaccine? #
  • Finally home. Time for the booze to start #
  • Hm, japanese food and Jack Daniels. Who says im not multicultural! #
  • So writing an autism/jenny mccarthy rant right now #
  • Wakefield excerpt: You should go have sex with Jenny McCarthy so maybe the common sense recessive trait could be expressed in your children. #
  • I think a Brazilian wax on a pregnant chick would be fascinating and horrid at the same time, like a train wreck. #

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