Angry Tweets for 2011-01-12

  • Standing for 10 hours/day + not being able to poop when you need to = Backside that looks more like mouth of cuthulu than a brown starfish. #
  • Yes, I went there. Rhoids are the one nemisis of pharmacists that they never warned you about in school. BE PREPARED. #
  • This woman is talking WAY to much for this to be an easy Rx fill. #
  • "Free Month" coupons are worth dick if the patient cant afford the medication after the "free month" is used up. #
  • What your pharmacist hears: "Okay, what happened wuz *click* blah blah blah lie lie blah blah blah! blah blah 5 min blah pay cash blah!" #
  • Im looking at emergency food/water supplies and my tech is laughing at me. Guess he's not getting any when the SHTF. #
  • Yes you lack-of-planning-whiny woman. It takes longer than 4 hours for the doc to get the refill auth to us. #
  • I'd make you go without to teach you a lesson about planning, but that requires an IQ above my dogs #
  • The power of "Duh" is strong in this one. Her duh-a-clorian count is above those of master "Duh-da" #
  • Guy starts out with an obnoxious stupid joke, then rolls right into why he needs his vicodin/methadone early. Classy. #
  • How do you hide $1 from a pharmacist? Put it in the PDR. #
  • A tiny part of me is wishing for some huge natural disaster to prove to these entitlement fucks how good they have it with their $4 copays. #
  • Note: "Pt wishes to change to something thats free" Me: "How about a kick in the face?" #
  • Pt: "I dont know when this resident will become a real doctor". Yes, I did defend the resident, "real doctor" my ass. #
  • How do you hide $1 from a pt with fibromyalgia, put it in his non-narcotic pill bottles. #

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