Angry Tweets for 2011-01-14

  • Dermatologists are notorous for being huge pharmacy money-holes with their trade-name only shit. I hates them. #
  • Thanks for that Solodyn coupon doc. I'll buy half of a lunch at mcdonalds with the profit I made from that. #
  • Nurse: "EEf we give her 1 munth supply at every 8 ours. How many dat be?" Me: "Uh, 90" Nurse: "OOf! tuuu mosh! geev hir 2 week! how dat be?" #
  • Man, its Tardy Thursday. Woman cried at me because her metformin 500 daily was going to kill her if she couldn't test 5 times daily. #
  • A patient freaking out b/c he was turned down for BC life insurance is NOT an "Emergency Phone Call" for a pharmacist. #
  • If I got my MD, I would be the voltron of medicine. Actually I'd probably go to anest. #
  • The study that got PPA pulled from the market is about as retarded as the Autism study. #
  • Anyone who uses the verbal term 'migs' instead of 'M G / Milligrams' needs a punch in the throat. #
  • On my tombstone: "Ive been out for 6 months, but all of a sudden its a BIG FUCKING EMERGENCY that I get my drugs RIGHT NOW" #
  • "Prior Auth Required" is insurance speak for "Fuck Yo Couch!" #
  • A "nursing student" just demanded to see the Rx to yell at me that the MD wrote for Diflucan but I dispensed Fluconazole. #
  • Man, with the arguments that I've gotten into today people still wonder why I carry a gun to my car with me 🙁 #
  • What a great day, saved an idiot from killing himself and thereby saving the taxpayer thousands of dollars. *sigh* #
  • HAHAH Boss just came up to me and said "Is it just me, or is today Fucktard Thursday?" #
  • I like facebook chatting random friends and watching them go "OMFG ITS THE ANGRY PHARMACIST" #

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