Angry Tweets for 2011-01-18

  • Never before have I seen a patient fail so badly at calling in Rx numbers. #
  • If RPh's spent as much time fighting for fair reimbursement as stroking each other off about MTM, maybe the profession wouldn't be shit. #
  • I wish these asshats in @drugtopics who talk about MTM disclose how many Rx's they fill in a day. I bet < 100. #
  • Why dont we fix whats wrong (reimbursements) rather than just add MTM (which in 10 years we'll get fucked over on) #
  • Other Pharm out front dealing with trainwreck of medications. Why would ins pay for something we do for free already? #
  • Other Pharm spent last 20 min's helping a little old lady who gets her shit filled at Walgreens. What a waste of store money #
  • As you can tell, im against MTM. We should fix whats broken in pharmacy vs adding on new responsiblities and frosting to a turd. #
  • Zmax! For when you're too fucking lazy to use a Zpak! #
  • So theres a metformin shortage? #
  • All of my patients today have reversed their IQ's with their A1C's. #
  • Its just fucking sad and depressing how incapable ppl are at being self-sufficent. #

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