Angry Tweets for 2011-01-20

  • I thought for a second today was Thursday. One of many let-downs that will plague me today. #
  • Bitched and moaned about your state coverage until it ran out. Now you arent bitching and moaning are you. #
  • You're crying because now you're like the rest of us and have to pay for your pills #
  • 2 for 1 coupons in the paper for burger king. MI here I come! #
  • Batshit crazy patients give me gray hair. Like not just crazy, but nuttier than squirrel turds crazy. #
  • Ask me how much of a shit I give about "Next-Generation Pharmacist program". Why dont you fix Current-Generation first. #
  • Your whining fibromyalgia bitching doesn't turn your norco from a 30 day supply into a 19 day supply. Sorry. #
  • Im proud to be the seed that started all of the bitching about pharmacy on the internet from RPh's and techs. You all are not alone. #
  • Pet Peeve: Instead of saying "Take 2 pills daily" they say "I DRINK 2 pills daily". #
  • This is what my day sucked: 8======D #
  • I think I want a Seiko Kinetic Moon watch instead of a Rolex now. FREE ADVERTISING IF YOU BUY ME OOOOOONE! #
  • Sure, I'll hold this 60 lbs of Ensure that im hauling to your car for you while you look at fucking Earrings. #

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