Angry Tweets for 2011-01-25

  • Pro Pran Oh lol! #
  • "Chronic Widespread Pain Syndrome?" Really? That sounds like med-speak for "Hangover" #
  • I must be suffering from "Chronic Widespead Stupidity Intolerance Syndrome". The only cure? More fucking cowbell. #
  • Some days I wish I could publically tell people how fucking stupid they are. #
  • Not really how stupid really, but how good they have it compared to public assistance programs say in China. #
  • I wonder if the people who made "Dont Shoot the Pharmacist" movie have heard of my site. #
  • "BUT DOCTOR PUT A REFILL ON MY OXYCODONE RX!" Me: "I dont care if he put 5 refills with glitter and pixie dust, cant have rf's on a c2" #

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