Angry Tweets for 2011-01-26

  • Ugh, major pet peeve is having a pt hand me a LOADED lancet device complete with used needle in it. #
  • Working is so 1920's. State aid is the 'in' thing now. #
  • If you have a type-1 allergy to Sulfa, and you need a diuretic, you are boned. #
  • Oral Vancomycin has a 0% absorbtion rate. Its topical ONLY. Tattoo that on your arm. #
  • Med Resident wrote for: Ventolin, Advair, Propranolol. I was nice about it when I called them, they are learning just like we all had to. #
  • You know the systemic absorbtion of a punch to the face? Its the same as ORAL VANCOMYCIN. #
  • You know how to get a PBM audit? Fill a Vanco or Zyvox Rx. #
  • Hey @BurbDoc, lets see if we can get @BlakeTheRxGuy to throw up remotely! #
  • I made myself a deli-roast beef sandwich, put extra mayo, squeezed it down and thought of @BurbDoc's day. #
  • New word of the day Anoscope. #
  • Today I have learned about Vaginal Yeast Secretions, Anoscope, and People who have sex with Stomas. #
  • Mr Fournier: "Im getting named after a gangrene? Oh sweet.. Wait? WHERE? OH SHIT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME". #

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