Angry Tweets for 2011-01-27

  • Up way too late last night reading Wil Wheaton's (@Wilw) book. If i kill someone today Wil, you're going down with me! 😉 #
  • You know how to make people stop smoking? Put an Rx label on their cigs. Guaranteed non-compliance then. #
  • "You're taking 10cc's of Lantus? Hows that bottle a day treating you?" #
  • Pt: "Im up all night because of my medicine!" Me: "Do you sleep during the day" Pt: "YES! But im up all night!" #
  • If Oprah walked into my store, I'd turn her down for an early trade name Vicodin ES refill. #
  • Almost forgot – Monday I had to administer Plan-C to the toliet. Use your imagination. #
  • A concept so simple as IV vs PO Vancomycin confuses SO MANY PEOPLE. WHY?!? NEOMYCIN IS THE SAME WAY! #
  • When the shit hits the fan, I hope these entitlement driven useless pieces of shit get 2 fucking scoops of humble pie. #
  • Im sick of being treated like shit by ungrateful, handout-grabbing, asshole fucks who do nothing but bitch about FREE. #
  • I think TOXIC MEGACOLON is a good porn star name.. Sorta.. Kinda.. #
  • Im pretty angry today. Dont know why. Just pissed at the world. #
  • I want to be the baseball bat to the face of society. #
  • Hearing my tech-school grad tech talk about drugs is about as sad as hearing my patients talk about drugs. #
  • The moment someone on state aid says "Gastric Bypass" I think "Lazy Fuck" #
  • Sure, Tech-School-Grad, Paxil is for allergies. Time for a good old-fashoned "You should of fucking learned this in school" ass-chewing. #
  • Pt wanted me to advance her tramadol until we hear from MD, i say no so she whips out a new Rx. #
  • Why should I hold your health in any higher regard than you do? You dont care, so why should I? #
  • Best name for a band: Fournier's Gangrene, Toxic Megacolon, or Stevens Johnsons Syndrome? #

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