Angry Tweets for 2011-01-28

  • So, After reading @wilw's book I've decided that I'm going to copy @DrugMonkey and write my own. Need to email him about process. #
  • My challenge is to write one yet keep my identity anonymous. Might be a deal breaker. #
  • I'll be sure to include Fourner's Gangrene in there just for @burbdoc. #
  • My facebook fans absolutely rule: Call yourself Mr Formin. That way ppl can say "Have you met Formin?" HAHAHAHA. #
  • YOU ALL need to start bugging @drugmonkey to do a monthly podcast with yours truly. I think it would be stupidly funny #
  • If you could take the joy of a crackhead picking up their vicodin and bottle it, you could press it into OC tablets. #
  • Never fails. I fart and one of my clerks walks right behind me through it. #
  • When patients ask me when their next vicodin rf is due I always make it 2 days longer than it should be #stupidtax #
  • I need MD's to review my autism post. Email me I want to make sure I dont make (more of) an ass of myself. #

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