Angry Tweets for 2011-02-01

  • If I were Link, and today was Zelda; Id be facing Ganon with 1/2 a heart of life and no silver arrows. 🙁 #
  • RPh Friend who works @ Target: "Hey Interns, you ever hear of angrypharmacist?" Interns: "Nope" Me: ":( lame". #
  • Have to catch a plane RIGHT NOW and Dr wrote "Do not fill until 2/1/11 on your Methadone".i'm not the only who thinks your full of shit. #
  • I think @BurbDoc is either an ex-Pharmacist, or a pharmacist in disguise. #
  • I'd be happy if my store sold branded beer. "Pharmacist tested, Pharmacist approved *hic*"! #
  • I've warned you for 2 months that this drug is going to be taken off forumlary. Did you plan ahead? Nope. Enjoy your $500 lazyness tax. #
  • WTF is this song on the radio that has the lyrics "Buckle Front Seat". Obviously music writers are as intellegent as my patients. #
  • That cant be the right lyrics. I must be on crack. #
  • I'm going to start a new PPI, Placeboprazole. #
  • Oh shit, my patent is almost out. Introducing Desplaceboprazole! #
  • Also releasing Fuckyouprazole, stfuprazole, and asshatprazole. #
  • All of which have a better chance of succeeding over Livalo, and its active metabolite beatingadeadhorsestatin. #

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