Angry Tweets for 2011-02-05

  • If you see my work on the 5:00 news for anal rapage, I'm the victim. #
  • While some places have been getting feet of snow, I'm suffering a pandemic of stupidty. #
  • I should teach a pharmacy ethics class. Yeah…. I should… #
  • To get Ensure covered, you sorta need to shop in the non "Plus Sizes" area of the store. #
  • How does "I want my pills all filled at the same time" go with "I just saw the doctor and got this new Rx i want filled RIGHT NOW". #
  • So to all the MD's out there: "Do patients treat you all like absolute shit or is this only restricted to pharmacies?" #
  • The "Waaah I want 90 day supply but don't want to pay for 90 day supply" song and dance is getting REALLY FUCKING OLD. #
  • I think @BurbDoc is really me in a parallel universe where I went to med school instead of pharm school. If we ever meet, reality will tear. #
  • Argument out front. So not getting involved. Involves Soma. #

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