Angry Tweets for 2011-02-08

  • You can plan a fucking vacation, but you can't plan to refill your meds BEFORE you're out. #
  • Dear women of the ghetto. Babies are not Pez and your vagina is not a Pez dispenser. Close your legs or foot the bill yourself. #
  • Why am I somehow to blame for YOUR insurance plan/coverage? I didn't sign up for this piece of shit! I didn't get duped by a salesman! #
  • Being homeless is not an excuse for being fucking lazy. Just sayin. #
  • If you have the ambition to wipe your own ass, i'll show you where the paper is. However don't expect me to wipe your ass for you. #
  • Pt: "Well then I'll just die and i'll be your fault" Me: "*shrug* Its your life, do what you want" Pt: "WAIT! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO CARE!" #
  • I'm putting clonidine in root-beer with grenadine. I'm calling it DUUUURRRRRzip. #
  • I've eaten so much Fruit Nut Mix today that I'm going to shit out Mr Peanut riding a giant Baby-Ruth bar. #
  • If you are friendly and ask us how our day is going, you want an early refill on your narcotics #PHARMACYPROTIP #
  • Tech: "We are out of Golly-Telly!". Me: "wtf? OH, GoLYTELY!" #
  • No bitch, its not because we faxed the dr an hour ago for your rf, its b/c God hates poor people. #
  • WHERE THE FUCK IS @BURBDOC!?!?!??!?!?! #
  • Hey woman out front with the sour look on your face. Im at work every day to eat, you don't have to work to eat. I pay copays, you dont. #
  • If marijuana becomes legal, who wants to get the patent on Vicodin/Soma impregnated rolling papers with me! Anyone? #

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